Pumpkin Soup

This week the children in Nursery have been continuing to learn about Autumn through the story ‘Pumpkin Soup.’ The children began the week by examining pumpkins. The children looked at, smelt, squashed and squeezed pumpkins and they recorded, using their think writing, words to describe the pumpkins.

In discovery time the children had the opportunity to explore pumpkins further by getting messy and scooping out the insides of the pumpkin. It took a lot of concentration and perseverance to use spoons, knives and forks to scrape and scoop out the pumpkin. The children particularly enjoyed it when the seeds flew out of the pumpkins!

Later on in the week the children made pumpkin soup in the soup maker. They all tasted the pumpkin soup and discussed whether they agreed with squirrel, duck and cat that pumpkin soup was delicious!

Some children, in discovery time, chose to paint or draw pumpkins. It has been lovely to see that some of their drawings and paintings are beginning to take on more shape and form.

Some children also practised their fine motor skills this week when they had the opportunity to hammer golf tees into pumpkins. Some children found this quite challenging as it required a lot of strength to hammer the tees in. Some children problem solved beautifully and hammered the tees into existing holes!

Pumpkins and conkers in the water tray also proved to be a popular activity this week. Playing in here the children explored the concepts of floating and sinking as well as counting out how many conkers they could scoop out in the sieves and counting out how many conkers fitted inside the different sized pumpkins.

The children also had an opportunity to develop their counting skills further by counting out orange poms poms and matching the pom poms to the different numbered pumpkins.

Another very busy week in Nursery!


This week the children have been learning about Autumn. They were very excited about going on a welly walk on Monday! They walked around the school grounds including our woodland walk and our forest area. They collected any signs of Autumn that they could find and they brought them back into the classroom to play with during our discovery time sessions.

During Language for Thinking the children learnt how to think write. They all had a go at exploring what their think writing looked like. The children wrote to Percy and explained to him what they had found on their Autumn walk.

In discovery time the children enjoyed exploring and sorting the Autumn leaves, conkers, acorns, fir cones and Sycamore seeds.

Some children also enjoyed counting the conkers and matching the correct number of conkers to different pieces of Numicon.

Some children sat and concentrated for a long time picking up acorns and arranging them into different patterns!

And some children were very creative at the play dough table. Here the children made hedgehogs, squirrels and even Percy the Park Keeper.

Outside in our outdoor area the children helped plant some acorns. They are now waiting patiently for the acorns to start to sprout. It might be a long wait before the acorns grow into a beautiful oak tree though!


This week the children have been learning about themselves. They have been looking closely at their facial features and they have painted their own self-portraits.

During activity time the children had lots of fun selecting their own resources to make self-portraits at the play dough table. Don’t we look amazing?!

Having learnt about the different types of homes that we live in and discussing the similarities and differences between our homes, the children were Solveosaurus’ in the construction area building their own houses and flats.

The children have also discussed the differences between where we live and where owls live. Afterwards the children brainstormed what they have learnt about Owls over the past few weeks. The children have certainly learnt a lot.

Video: Owl Babies

Mrs Hill, Mrs Horsley and Miss Cass have been very impressed with how the Owls have come into Nursery this week and how they have adapted to the changes from being little Owlets. The children have transitioned into family groups brilliantly and they are excited to be a Snowy Owl or a Tawny Owl.

We began the week by reading the story ‘Owl Babies.’ The children loved the story and over the week they became super story makers and story tellers themselves. Here are the children joining in with the retelling of the ‘Owl Babies’ story.

During activity time the children all collaged their own Tawny Owl. They all had the opportunity to independently select their own resources and create their own designs.

The children also had lots of fun making Tawny and Snowy Owls at the play dough table. There were some lovely creations!

Nursery Graduation 2018

The children all graduated from Nursery yesterday in a lovely graduation ceremony that involved the children singing, dancing, speaking in front of other, collecting their awards and posing for photos!

Here are the children in their graduation outfits. They look splendid and they did an amazing job. Lots of fun was had by all. A big thank you to all the parents, siblings and grandparents who attended this special and memorable event.