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Video: Welcome to Nursery Owls!

Our youngest children at Bells Farm have begun Nursery this week and we have had lots of fun settling into our newly designed learning environment. The children in Nursery are now known as the Owls and they have been split into two family groups: The Tawny Owls and The Snowy Owls.

The children have been learning all about Owls through the story ‘Owl Babies’. The children have been very creative and they have made Tawny Owls at the workshop table and Snowy Owls at the painting table. They have also drawn lots of owls on my whiteboard!

The children have also been making Tawny and Snowy Owls on the play dough table. They have even made juicy worms for the owls to eat. Some children enjoyed making a nest for the baby owls using the construction.

The children have also worked hard to retell the story of the ‘Owl Babies’ through playing with our owl puppets on the small world table and through participating in ‘Talk for Writing.’ The children worked in family groups and they thought of pictures and actions to help us remember key events in the story.

The children then tried really hard to use these illustrations and actions to retell the ‘Owl Babies’ story to their friends.

The Three Little Pigs

Welcome back! I hope you have all had a lovely relaxing half term and are now ready to get back to nursery.

During the last week of term we focused on “The Three Little Pigs”, the children really engaged in the story and were able to re-tell the story without any adult support, the children retold key parts of the story using masks from the story.

The children also enjoyed spending time with their parents during our “Play,Stay and Chat” sessions and loved making houses out of the different materials that the Three Little Pigs used in the story.

This half term our focus will be “Down On The Farm”, we will have lots of exciting activities, look out for a letter from myself regarding a trip this half term.

Brave climbing


This week during PE we were all “Go For It Gorilla’s” as we showed Miss Hancox and Mrs Horsley how brave we are by climbing on the climbing frame. The climbing frame is really high so Miss Hancox only let the children climb up three steps, it was still very very high though!

Obstacle course


Miss Hancox hopes you have all received your reports and have enjoyed reading the report and looking through the learning journeys!

This week during our PE session the children have taken part in an obstacle course, which consisted of having to balance (and avoid the sharks that were in the river below them), jump in a variety of ways over the hurdles and dribble a ball around cones. Whilst we were waiting to have a go on the obstacle course the children practiced their throwing and catching skills, I must say the children have really progress when it comes to controlling a ball, well done!!

We’re Going On A Bear Hunt – Week 1


Welcome back! I hope you have all had a peaceful relaxing Christmas and New Year!

The children have all settled back into nursery very quickly.

This term our topic is “If You Down To The Woods”, we have started this topic by focusing on the story “We’re Going on A Bear Hunt” the children have really enjoyed this story and have loved having the opportunity to re-play the story with our supporting independent table top activities.

We have even created our own Forest and Cave within the classroom, we managed to find our very own bear!!!

Animals and the farm


This week the Chicks have started their new topic ‘Down on the Farm’. They have been learning all about the animals and what happens on the farm.

Today the chicks have done their first Forest School session of 2015. They all got very muddy creating Mud Creatures.

‘I made a monster from mud called Snowflake’ – Lewis
‘Its a monster, its called a Boxtroll, he’s the bad guy!’ Kaiden
‘I build a mud creature, I builded it with sticks for his arms. I found a worm and made it a mud bed somewher safe’ – Scarlette

World Cup trophies


Today the Nursery got into the World Cup spirit and we made our own World Cup trophies out of large building bricks.

Yusif made a very high trophy. Some of them were very creative! We also had lots of races including a crawling race, a skipping race and a hopping race. We had a fantastic day!