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Nursery Graduation 2018

The children all graduated from Nursery yesterday in a lovely graduation ceremony that involved the children singing, dancing, speaking in front of other, collecting their awards and posing for photos!

Here are the children in their graduation outfits. They look splendid and they did an amazing job. Lots of fun was had by all. A big thank you to all the parents, siblings and grandparents who attended this special and memorable event.

Stay, Play and Chats

This week the Owl and Owlet parents were invited into school to discuss their children’s progress and to play with their child. Lots of parents attended and the children really enjoyed playing and exploring with their parents. I would like to say a big thank you to all those parents that attended these sessions. The continued interest that you show in your child’s learning, progress and attainment has such a positive and profound effect on your child’s journey through school. Thank you.


This week the children have been learning all about spiders. They have learnt and written, using their think writing, lots of facts about spiders. They have enjoyed finding lots of spiders both in the forest and in our outdoor area. The children even spotted a spider with its egg sack!

The children have been busy making spider webs of their own. They tried to make a big spider web outside using the ribbons. They soon realised how skilled a spider must be to make a web!

The children also weaved spider webs at the tuff spot and they made spider webs using a hoop and some wool. LexiMai was a super star at making a spider’s web and her spider’s web is now hanging in our classroom!

Some children even tried to make a spider’s web out of Lego and some children made a massive spider’s web out of natural materials. They added ribbons to make the web more complex and they added minibeasts for the spider’s dinner!

Some children painted their hands to make spider handprints.

Some children chose to make spiders at the workshop table. The children were very careful to make sure that their spiders had eight legs. They also chose how many eyes their spiders had, knowing that spiders can have up to 8 eyes!

Some children decided to make spiders at the play dough table. Some children even made their play dough spiders a glittery web too!

There were also opportunities this week for the children to complete some spidery maths activities. They had a choice of adding the correct number of peg legs to numbered spiders and /or giving two spiders some eyes and adding up how many eyes they had altogether. The children are becoming confident with number recognition, one to one counting and simple addition calculations.

Another fab week in Nursery.

Arts Week

This week the children took part in Arts Week. Their challenge was to create some William Morris inspired wallpaper. The children all worked extremely hard and they used leaf and flower prints in paint and ink to create their designs. The children used the stamps to create four identical patterns.

The children then placed the identical patterns together to make a larger piece of art work. They then had the option of keeping their pattern pieces the same way up or they could rotate two of the pattern pieces to make a more complex wallpaper design. The final William Morris wallpaper designs look very impressive.


This week the children have been learning about worms. We began with a worm hunt in the forest during our Muddy Monday session. We brought the worms into the classroom and we put them into their own bug hotel! The children then examined the worms, learnt some facts about worms and they wrote, in their think writing, information about worms.

Some children made worms out of play dough. They made their worms different sizes and they used comparative language to talk about their worms.

Outside some children had lots of fun being worms! They crawled around in the play tunnels imagining what it would be like to slither along the ground.

Some children painted with string worms.

Some children counted spaghetti worms.

And some children made worms out of the construction logs.

The children have had lots of fun learning about worms this week and we finished our week by reading the story ‘Superworm.’ The children absolutely loved the adventures of ‘Superworm!’


This week we have been learning about snails through the story book ‘The snail and the whale.’ The children have learnt lots of facts about snails and they have had lots of fun exploring snails.

Some children enjoyed holding the snails.

Some children enjoyed pretending to be a snail.

And some children enjoyed having snail races!

The children have also examined the snail’s shell. They then explored making spiral patterns. Some children made spiral patterns from tiny pasta shells. This was quite fiddly and required lots of concentration. Other children tried to finger paint spirals and others tried to draw spirals in the sparkly glitter.

Lots of children put snails onto leaves and then they totalled the number of snails on both leaves, demonstrating an understanding of addition.

Lots of children also made their own snails at the play dough table. The children then took their snails to the writing table and they used their think writing to write some facts about snails.

A great week learning about minibeasts!

Under the Sea

This week the children have continued to learn about life under the sea. The children have learnt that there are lots of different types of plants and animals that live under the sea. They wanted to make sea creatures of their own. Can you guess what sea creatures they have made?

The children have also measured sea creatures using gems. This activity encouraged the children to count with one to one correspondence as well as encouraging them to use comparative language when they were talking about the different creatures.

The children were very good at understanding that a total was the combination of two groups of objects. They were able to give each fish a certain number of Rainbow Fish’ scales and then work out the total number of scales the Rainbow Fish had given away.

Some children chose to count underwater creatures on the computer and select the corresponding numeral using the mouse.

Other children chose to sort the sea shells. They looked closely at the patterns on the shells and wrote labels, using their think writing, for each sorting ring.

Some children chose to make mermaids and mermen at the play dough table. They independently shaped the mermaid’s and mermen’s tail and they decorated it with shells and buttons. The children then think wrote about their mermaids and mermen, and they were able to ascribe meaning to their writing.

Other children chose to make boats big enough to sit in using the small construction logs inside and the big blue bricks from outside.

Another busy week in Nursery!

Rainbow Fish

This week we have been learning about what is under the sea through the story book ‘The Rainbow Fish.’ The children have enjoyed the story and as well as learning about sea creatures, they have been discussing the importance of friendship and sharing. We have learnt the phrase ‘sharing is caring.’

The children have been busy making their own rainbow fish at the workshop table. They selected their own resources, practised their drawing and cutting skills as well as counting with one to one correspondence. It took the children a long time to make sure their rainbow fish had 10 scales. The children were definitely stickosaurus’.

Some children have also learnt how to draw fish. They followed visual instructions. We think they did a fabulous job!

Some children made play dough rainbow fish. They decorated them with sequins and buttons to give the rainbow fish its sparkly scales. The children then took their rainbow fish to the writing table and they think wrote some sentences. We think the children are getting very good at think writing and at ascribing meaning to their work.

Lots of children really enjoyed fishing for numbered fish in a boat this week. Their number recognition skills are definitely improving.

Some children practised their fine motor skills at the funky fingers table. They carefully and skilfully used tweezers to give the rainbow fish colourful pom pom scales. The children then counted how many pom pom scales they had given the rainbow fish!

Another fantastic week in Nursery!

Royal Wedding Celebrations

Today the children have been celebrating the upcoming royal wedding. During the week the children have learnt all about Prince Harry’s and Meghan Markle’s big day. They have also made crowns at the workshop table and on the play dough table, made bunting, built Windsor Castle and even designed Meghan’s wedding dress!

Today the whole foundation stage came together to celebrate the royal wedding. The Owls and the Swans played in Nursery’s outdoor classroom. It was lovely to see the children from Nursery and Reception playing so beautifully together.

We all then had a street party in Reception’s outdoor classroom. We enjoyed eating lots of party food and it was fantastic to share our royal wedding celebrations with the Swans class. We are all looking forward to watching the royal wedding on television tomorrow!

Video: Trip to Hatton Country World

On Monday the Owls went to Hatton to conclude our topic on farms. The children were impeccably behaved and we all had an amazing day. The children saw, learnt and did so much. Below is a video showing snapshots of everything the children experienced on our trip. A big thank you to Mr Sneddon for making the video for us. It really will be a fantastic memory keepsake for all of the children and their parents.