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Christmas Workshop

On Tuesday it was lovely to welcome the parents of the Owls into our classroom for our Christmas Workshop. It was lovely to see so many parents working alongside the children making different Christmas decorations and participating in lots of different Christmas activities. The classroom was a hive of activity yet it had a relaxed, inviting and Christmassy feel to it. Merry Christmas everyone!


This week as well as practising the Foundation Nativity play the children have been learning about why we celebrate Christmas. The children began the week by listening to the Christmas story. They then had fun acting out the story using face masks! During discovery time some children retold the story of Mary and Joseph as they played with the Nativity scene.

Other children made their own puppets to retell the story.

Some children tried to build Mary and Joseph somewhere to stay. They used lollypop sticks and pegs to build stables. Each stable was very unique. Some stables were even big enough to hold Mary and Joseph! The children were brilliant thinkodactyls, tryceratops’ and solveosaurus’ during this activity.

Lots of children also made the stars to help the shepherds and the Kings find their way to Bethlehem to see baby Jesus. Some children even matched these stars to the corresponding numeral or pieces of Numicon.

A very busy week in Nursery!

Video: We are Story Makers and Story Tellers!

The children enjoy our weekly story maker and story teller sessions. Each week the children use props or pictures to represent the four parts to our story sessions – character, setting, problem and solution. These props and pictures enable the children to create some magical tales. After we have created our stories the children take turns to independently retell the story and to act the story out on our stage. Here are the children retelling the story they had created based upon a boy, a forest, a sad dinosaur and a magic wand.

Mr Happy’s Birthday

This week the children have planned Mr Happy’s birthday party. They began the week by making Mr Happy a special sponge birthday cake with butter cream.

The children also made sponge fairy cakes.

Some children also made play dough birthday cakes and they added and counted the candles, matching the total number of candles to the Numicon piece or the numeral. Other children made play dough candles to match numbered birthday cakes.

Lots of children wanted to give Mr Happy a present so the children made presents using the mobilo construction and then they wrapped up the presents with newspaper. The children were definitely stickosaurus’ and triceratops during this activity. It took a lot of perseverance to wrap the presents up properly.

Another activity which required a lot of perseverance and determination was making their own party bags. All the children had to make a party bag if they wanted to take home a piece of Mr Happy’s birthday cake! The children found using the stapler independently very tricky but they didn’t give up. They were definitely stickosaurus’.

On Friday it was Mr Happy’s birthday. The children all came to Nursery in their party clothes. They also wore the party hats that they made in discovery time!

At Mr Happy’s birthday there was lots of dancing and party games such as musical bumps and musical statues.

The children also helped Mr Happy open his presents!

Everybody in Nursery really enjoyed eating the party food.

Salaf won pass the parcel!

At the end of the party the children sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to Mr Happy and they watched him blow out his candles. The children ate the fairy cakes and took a piece of his birthday cake home with them in their party bags. It was a great birthday party. Lots of fun was had by everyone!


This week the children in Nursery have been learning about birthday celebrations through the Mr Men story book ‘Mr Birthday.’ They began the week by helping Little Miss Helpful think about what is needed at a birthday party. The children then, during discovery time, worked hard to create and make some of the things that was needed at a birthday party.

Some children made birthday biscuits. The children counted their birthday biscuits with one to one correspondence and they also matched the number of biscuits they had made to the corresponding Numicon piece.

Some children had lots of fun in the messy tray making cupcakes! The children also used their think writing to make a list of the ingredients that went into their cupcakes.

Some children matched candles to numbered birthday cakes.

Some children looked through the Argos catalogues and chose the four presents that they would like to receive on their next birthday. Once selected the children had to cut out the chosen presents using scissors correctly and glue the presents onto their wish lists.

The children’s favourite activity this week was making presents out of the construction and writing a label for their present. The children made a wide variety of presents and they loved attaching a label using the hole punch, wool and masking tape!

The children will be continuing to learn about birthday celebrations next week.


This week the children have been learning about Diwali, the Hindu festival of light. The children have been learning about how Hindus prepare and celebrate Diwali. In the classroom the children have been making their own Rangoli patterns. Some children decorated their Rangoli patterns using coloured rice.

Some children painted their Rangoli patterns.

Some children made Rangoli patterns using play dough and seeds

And some children drew their own Rangoli patterns outside using chalk.

Some children even made Rangoli patterns using the geoboards and elastic bands.

The children have learnt that Rangoli patterns are colourful designs made on the floor near the entrance to a house to welcome guests and to bring good luck. The children were very creative and they have also demonstrated how well they can concentrate.

The children have also created some lovely Mehndi patterns. The children have learnt that Mehndi patterns are beautiful patterns on hands and feet. The children decorated pretend hands using our beautiful sequins.

The children have also really enjoyed listening to the story of Rama and Sita and through listening to the story the children now understand the significance of diva lamps during Diwali, the festival of light. The children had great fun making and decorating their own Diva lamps and they placed candles inside their lamps to help light up the way home for Rama and Sita.

Stay, Play and Chats

This week the Owl Nursery parents were invited into school to discuss their children’s progress and to play with their child. Lots of parents attended and the children really enjoyed playing and exploring with their parents. I would like to say a big thank you to all those parents that attended these sessions. The continued interest that you show in your child’s learning, progress and attainment has such a positive and profound effect on your child’s journey through school. Thank you.

Stick Man

This week the children in Nursery have been learning about the changing seasons through the story ‘Stick Man’ by Julia Donaldson. The children listened carefully to the story, they avidly watched the DVD and they have used their story makers and story-telling skills to make up their own version of Stick Man. In the children’s story a witch took Stick Man and used him as a broom and it was a good fairy who turned the witch into a frog and flew Stick Man back to his family tree.

Over the week the children have been inspired by the story and some children chose to make their own stick man out of play dough.

Some children made Stick Man at the workshop table.

Some children made Stick Man at the discovery table.

And some children wanted to draw or paint Stick Man.

In the original story Stick Man, on one occasion, was used as a Pooh Stick. The children in Nursery loved playing Pooh Sticks in our water tray. The children were totally absorbed in their play and there was a lot of laughter!

And never to miss a Maths opportunity the children have also been encouraged to visit the Maths table and match the corresponding number of sticks to the Numicon pieces on the Stick Man pictures. The children have certainly been busy!