Red Riding Hood

Last week the children began learning about traditional tales with a wintery walk in the woods. Along their walk the children found a red cape, a grey wig and some animal fur. Back in the classroom the children discussed who the mystery items belonged to. Eventually the children decided the mystery items were from the story ‘Red Riding Hood.’

In Language for Thinking every day the children used a story map to help them retell the story of ‘Red Riding Hood.’ The children also added actions to help them remember the story. In discovery time the children used puppets, masks and the small world characters / scenery to re-enact the story. Some children even made the characters out of play dough and then used these characters to retell the story. The children were very good at remembering the repeated refrains.

Some children decided to paint the main characters from the story. Here is a lovely Grandma and a super wolf.

Some children thought very carefully about what each character might say. They used their think writing to write down the speech. Joseph completed speech bubbles for each main character. He really enjoyed this think writing activity.

Some children were very creative at the workshop table. The children selected their own resources and made their own models for Granny’s house or Little Red Riding Hood’s house. Some children also made the character’s houses out of Lego too. The houses had lots of design features and the children were definitely Stickosaurus’ here!

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