The Little Red Hen

The children began their week with a Muddy Monday session with the chickens! The children observed the chickens in the pen in the school’s woodland walk area. They then did some observational drawings of the chickens. The children concentrated very well and were very quiet around the chickens. They did some super mark making and their pictures are now show some variation in shape and form.

During the week the children have been very busy learning about the Little Red Hen. They have collaged their own hens, retold the story in the tuff spot, used their handprints to paint hens, pretended to sow the seeds, weighed the Little Red Hen’s animal friends and they have think wrote what the characters could have said in the story.

The children have also been focusing upon numbers this week. The children are now beginning to recognise numerals, match numerals to Numicon pieces, count with one to one correspondence and record in their own way some form of graphic representations of a number.

Like the Little Red Hen, the children have made bread. We began by making bread in the bread maker. The children really enjoyed tasting this bread. It was delicious. The children then made bread in a bag. They went into the dining room and they made a loaf of bread by themselves. The children worked really hard and they enjoyed the experience. Unfortunately our loaves of bread did not rise very much but the children were still very excited to take them home for their lunch! I hope you all enjoyed eating them!

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