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At the Dentist

This week we have been learning about the job the Dentist does and how we can keep our teeth healthy so we don’t get cavities or toothache. In our language for thinking sessions we started off by brainstorming what the children already knew about the Dentist.

We watched a short video about a little boy called Bruce and his trip to the Dentist and listen to the story about Topsy and Tim going to the Dentist.

During discovery time there were different teeth related activities out for the children to do.

On the Creation Station children were making teeth and a tooth brush.

On the Art table children were using toothbrushes to pain with on a tooth.

On the play dough table children were making teeth to match a numicon number and putting them in the tooth fairies bag.

At the Funky Fingers table children were encouraged to floss the teeth and use the tweezers to remove the teeth as they counted them.

At the Light table and Mark Making table there were patterns on teeth for the children to copy using a toothbrush. They were also encouraged to draw their own patterns on a tooth and make patterns in the toothpaste tray!

In the tuft spot children were cleaning teeth.

In the maths area children were matching coloured toothbrushes to the correct coloured word on a tooth and counting out teeth into the tooth fairies bag to match a numbered numicon piece.

Sounds in the Forest School

As part of our phonics learning we have been using our ears to listen to different sounds. We went in to the forest school and sat quietly to see what we could hear. The children could hear a bird in the tree tweeting, a siren racing past, traffic on the road, a dog barking, a car door slamming, footsteps of someone walking past and a van driving past.

Then we each found a stick to use as a beater. We used the beater to make different sounds on different textures around the forest. We found that different textures made different sounds and that smaller beaters made a quieter sound than the thicker beaters.

Long and Short

As part of our maths learning we were sorting lengths of different textured materials into long and short. The children were very good at telling me if their material was longer or shorter than those already laid out on the floor. We found that the shortest piece and the longest piece too!

We are Scientists

One of the activities the children really enjoyed was pretending they were chemists and making their own shampoo. There were different coloured waters, baby oil, rose water, hand wash and shaving gel. The children used the pipettes to put any ingredients they wanted into their bottles. There were lots of different concoctions made. Some smelt rather nice. Not sure I’d want to wash my hair in them though! Children could see that the oil and the water didn’t mix.

Going to the Hairdressers

This half term our umbrella theme is ‘People in the Community’. With the children we brainstormed some of the different jobs their parents might do or what we’ve seen people doing for a job around us. This week we focused on a hairdresser as a few children have never been and some a little scared as they didn’t know what to expect. Now, after having lots of fun this week there shouldn’t be any tears!

We began by brainstorming what we thought a hairdresser might do.

Then we set up the role play shop as a hairdressers. Children were encouraged to participate with a teacher present to begin with and develop the language used for the different styles and resources. Lots of children enjoyed being the hairdresser and some even liked having their hair done too.

At the funky fingers table children were challenged to put as many clips as they could into the dolls hair.

In the water tray there were two mop heads of hair. The children were encouraged to use the shampoo to wash the hair and then to use the combs to comb it through.

At the play dough table children were creating different hairstyles on the heads. This was the only place the children could use the scissors to cut hair!