Monthly Archives: June 2014

World Cup trophies


Today the Nursery got into the World Cup spirit and we made our own World Cup trophies out of large building bricks.

Yusif made a very high trophy. Some of them were very creative! We also had lots of races including a crawling race, a skipping race and a hopping race. We had a fantastic day!

Building a long snake!


Today the afternoon children made a really long snake using the teddy bear bricks, after we measured the snake and it was a massive 202cm long!!!

We also practiced writing our letters. Demi did a fantastic job, well done Demi.

Dayne and Simran enjoyed reading lots of stories with Mrs Jones.

Learning about water


This week as part of our ‘Under the Sea’ theme we are learning about water. We have learnt what objects float and sink in water and why. We have also discovered that water is a liquid and ice is a solid until it melts going back to a liquid. Nursery are very clever!

At Nursery we have also had our Open Morning for the new children starting in September. The children loved their day playing with their new teachers, especially the painting and trains! I am very excited for them to join our lovely Nursery class in September.

Nature Centre Trip


Today all the Nursery children went on a trip to the Nature Centre. The weather was beautifully sunny and hot. We saw lots of different animals and learnt lots of facts about them. After the morning at the Nature Centre we ran off all our energy in the play area at Cannon Hill Park. All the children behaved very well for the teachers and had a fantastic day.

“My favourite animal was the bunnies” Esmay

“My favourite animal was the jumpy wallaby” Ruby

Shape hunt

Miss Cass having fun with a child on the bike
Miss Cass having fun with a child on the bike

On Friday we all went on a shape hunt around our school. The children found lots of rectangle shaped objects.

Miss Cass also had lots of fun on the bikes with the children being their taxi driver.

As the weather was so sunny all the nursery child had snack outside under the tree.