Monthly Archives: October 2014

Class stars


This week the Chicks are learning all about the nursery rhyme Twinkle Twinkle. We have been talking about who we think are stars in our class in groups, recreating the Twinkle Twinkle rhyme and making our salt dough star to decorate. We have also talked about shooting stars and making wishes when you see them. The Chicks decided they could write their wishes on balloons and send them to the shooting stars. They have all been very busy indeed!


This week the Chicks have started Chatterbox. Chatterbox is an item they bring in from home and discuss it with the other children. This is to build on their language and social skills and it worked very well and the children spoke with clarity and great confidence and the asked amazing questions to each other.

“This Micky goes to the caravan with me”

“Captain branacle this is, he has a boat called the Octapod and I got him from Asda”

“This is my book and the picture moves, its my favourite”

Wheels on the Bus


The new nursery rhyme for the Chicks this week is Wheels on the Bus. They have done lots of counting passengers on buses, they have read a fab story about a Naughty Book and created their own verses to the rhyme.

Today they have been buses using their bikes, collecting the passengers from the bus stop and taking them around the playground.