Monthly Archives: December 2014

Christmas Workshop


Today has been great the Chicks have had lots of their parents come in for a Christmas Workshop. All the children did Christmas activities with their mums and dads and got very glittery! The chicks then did a fabulous job entertaining their parents with some Christmas song and the parents enjoyed mince pies and snack time with the children. We had lots of messy fun!

A huge thank you to all the parents/carers who attended it was very much appreciated by all the staff and the children.

Decorating the Christmas tree!


This has been a great week the Chicks have helped Miss Parton decorate the Christmas tree but Harvey told us something was missing and brought us in candy cane from home to stick on our tree. He and the other children then made loads more using pipe cleaners to decorate the Nursery tree.

This Friday at Forest school the children went on hunt for different materials they could find. We came back to the class to create out textured master pieces.

All about colours


What a busy start to the Chicks week. We are continuing our topic of colour. Today we have been exploring with mixing colours. The children have learnt all their primary colours and how to mix them to make secondary colours they really enjoyed getting messy.

Ryan loved having the dressing up in the reading area. He dressed as a with to read Meg and Mog.

And at the end of the day we all went on a rhyming walk to find things we could rhyme about. The Chicks have had a fantastic Monday!

Special objects for Chatterbox


Today the Chicks brought in their special objects for Chatterbox.

Nell brought her Rainbow Dash pony “she eats broccoli, carrots and cauliflower”

Jani brought his penguin which looked suspiciously like an owl! “he’s got big eyes their like circles and it has a nose and tummy”.

After Chatterbox the children decided they wanted to build a den in the classroom. They got out all the materials and pegs and created their own private den together. Scarlette did lots of writing about how happy she was in her den and Leon played with his aeroplane he made inside the den.