Monthly Archives: January 2015

Wolf writing a letter to the pigs

This week has flown by as the Chicks have been learning all about The Wolf’s Story. The children worked hard to story map their versions of the story and did lots of discusses about the similarities and differences between The Wolf’s Story and The Three Little Pigs story. On Friday we did our shared write based on The Wolf’s Story and the children had think about the wolf writing a letter to the pigs.

We also had lots of Chatterbags yesterday the children were very eager to share their items with their friends. Keelie had brought in a dog and reminded me ‘it wont eat the children Miss Coghlan because it not real’! Daniel brought in his new Mr Tickle jigsaw puzzle, Ryan brought in his go faster motorbike, Seth brought in his roaring dinosaur and Lily brought in her favourite Woody doll.

Ball skills and different types of houses

It’s been a very busy week in Nursery for the Chicks. They have been building up their ball control skills in PE session in the big hall. Continuing the theme of The Three Little Pigs story we have been discussing different types of houses and homes and what sort of people might live in them.



Today the Chicks did so amazing hot seating using the characters from the story. Here Poppy was the Wolf completely getting into character by changing her voice and movements. The children asked the Wolf aka Poppy:

‘What did you do to the Pigs house?’ Leah
‘What you gonna do to the Pigs, Wolf?’ Oliver

Making our own straw houses

DSCF4513 DSCF4530

This week the Chicks have been doing the story of The Three Little Pigs, we have been learning to sequence the story correctly and creating our own houses made of sticks, straw and bricks using a fan to play the part of the Big Bad Wolf huffing and puffing. The child were able to predict which has would stay up and why.

The children were developing their role play skills by creating stick puppet of the characters to use with the building blocks to recreate the story.

We have also discussed different types of homes and who would live in them Callum F informed the rest of the Chicks ‘Nana lives in a house with no stairs too!’ and they all shared what style house they live in.

New children

DSCF4509 DSCF4510

The Chicks class had new arrivals! Today some new children have started Nursery, the were very settled and enjoyed their first day exploring and learning all about Nursery life. The older children have been a great help in showing the new children around on guided tours, teaching them our class rules and being friendly when the new children were a bit sad. Great job Chicks!

New roleplay area
The children have also been enjoying their new roleplay area the Construction Site where they used lots of fantastic language and characters to recreate a building site.