Monthly Archives: February 2015

Animals and the farm


This week the Chicks have started their new topic ‘Down on the Farm’. They have been learning all about the animals and what happens on the farm.

Today the chicks have done their first Forest School session of 2015. They all got very muddy creating Mud Creatures.

‘I made a monster from mud called Snowflake’ – Lewis
‘Its a monster, its called a Boxtroll, he’s the bad guy!’ Kaiden
‘I build a mud creature, I builded it with sticks for his arms. I found a worm and made it a mud bed somewher safe’ – Scarlette

Celebrating the Chinese New Year


Today the children have celebrated Chinese New Year as it is half term on the 19th. We have learnt all about Niam the Dragon story, learnt a Dragon dance using the masks that we made and tasted some Chinese food. To eat the Chinese food the children experienced how difficult it is to eat with chopsticks and they had a really good go! We have also decorated our classroom using the Chinese lanterns we have made.