Monthly Archives: March 2015

Easter Workshop


Swans and Chicks had a lovely Easter workshop this morning with lots of Mums, Dads, Aunts, Uncles and Grandparents. The children worked very hard creatively making an Easter Bonnet. The children then paraded their hats down the catwalk and everybody had fun hunting for eggs on the school field. A big thank you to everyone who attended. It was a lovely morning with parents and children working and having fun together.

Easter decorations


The children have been busy learning all about Spring and making Easter decorations for Mrs Parton’s lovely display.

We are all really looking forward to the Easter Parade and Egg Hunt tomorrow with all the parents and children in the Foundation Stage. Fingers crossed for some lovely sunshine!

Parent Workshop


It was great to see a wonderful turn out of the parents and carers who attended out workshop on Friday 6th March. The parents were given some information on why it is so important to share a story with your children and develop their listening abilities ready for early phonics the parents. After this the parents got to interact with their children completing some of the activities and games we as practitioners use to promote early phonics. Such as identifying the hidden musical instrument, finding the initial sound of objects, rhyming houses and identifying letters in the sand etc.

Finishing the workshop with the Miss Cass promoting our new Nursery library. Every Friday the children can come and choose a book to take home and share with their parents to ensure early reading is also being promoted at home as well as school.

We had a lovely day with the parents and a big thank you to those who attended.

Baby chicks and Red Nose Day


This week has been very busy indeed. The baby chicks have been cared for with such love by the nursery child and they all enjoyed holding and stroking them. They even enjoyed learning how to look after them by cleaning them out and feeding them daily.

On Tuesday and Wednesday it was great to see so many parents in for our Play, Stay and Chats sessions with great responses to see how well all the children are coming along. The children especially enjoyed having parents in to show they what they do in nursery.

Friday was a very muddy Forest school session with lots of rain and muddy puddles to jumping. This week the children did the story of The Stickman and then went to the forest to explore and gather the best sticks to make their own Stickman.


Friday was also Red Nose Day, all the children made such a great effort in donating and bringing their funny faces and rednoses to show off. We used the Red Nose Day balloons to have a great time on the field after Forest School to chase them. We had a great laugh!

Living eggs arrive


The Nursery have had their new arrivals!

Today we have had delivered 10 Living Eggs, the children were very excited and the Nursery classroom becomes a very popular place for the rest of the school!

The children have learnt the rule about being around the eggs and how to keep them safe.

We will keep you posted on all activity that occurs and hopefully they should start pipping by Wednesday and by Friday (fingers crossed) we should have chicks.