Monthly Archives: April 2015

Learning about snails


For the rest of the this Summer half term the Chicks class will be learning all about Minibeasts. This week, Year 1 have been kind enough to lend us their Africa Snails for the children to observe and learn about. Today some children have held them and learnt about what they eat and how to look after them.

Growing plants


This week the Chicks are learning all about growing. We have transformed our house in the outdoors to a Flower Shop and Miss Cass was planting Cress with the child, over the next week we are going to record daily what changes we see.

The children have also enjoyed exploring what a real plant looks like, whilst getting very dirty fingers! At Language for Thinking time the children could tell me lots of things they knew about plants:

“Flowers need water to grow” Esmay
“Plants grow from seeds you put in the ground” Daniel
“All flowers have roots in the soil, and they need water and sunshine all the time” Leo

New children


The Chicks have had some new children start this week and they have all settled in amazingly. The children have been great at demonstrating our class rules to the new children and showing them how to play at Nursery. Well done to all the new children you have done great!!!