Monthly Archives: June 2015

Floating and sinking experiments


This week the children have been enjoying exploring textures and sees how colours can be changed by using shaving foam and blue food colouring. This then looked like the sea. “It feels soft” Esmay said when first touching the shaving foam. Showing their understanding of colours mixing the children explained, when the food colouring was added ” it’s gone dark” when it had been all mixed in Leah stated “It’s light blue”.

The children have also been looking at materials that float and sink. They all really enjoyed this and really thought about the materials to make a prediction.

Pirate ships


Continuing on our Pirates theme, the children have enjoyed using their imaginations to make their very own pirate ships using seed planters, lollypop sticks and buttons as the steering wheel. We have also practiced our cutting and sticking skills to make pirate hats.



This week the children have been learning about modes of transport for crossing the sea. We have focused on Pirate Ships making our own treasure maps using an X to mark the spot!

We have also enjoyed searching for buried treasure, just like pirates in our sand tray!

PE sea creatures


During PE today the children enjoyed moving like sea creatures, including starfish, whales, sharks, jellyfish,fish and an octopus . They also used their imaginations to pretend that they were deep sea divers and shared with their friends which sea creatures they saw during their dive.

Exploring different textures


The children have really enjoyed our Under The Sea topic, they have been exploring different textures by pretending we had own our Under the Sea area and finding the hidden sea creatures!

The children have used paintbrushes to copy words in the sand.

We have been looking at Seaweed, Shells and Sand in our sensory tray, and learning more about where they came from during our circle times.