Monthly Archives: September 2015

Listening Walk


This week the Nursery children have donned their listening ears and gone for a walk around our outside environment and discussed what they can hear. The children took to this very well and came up with some interesting sounds such as the birds singing, the reception children playing outside and a passing bus. Ryan said “I heard Miss Hancox“, “I can hear a lawn mower” said Alfie. We will be going on another listening walk soon, through the school and playground to try and pick up some new sounds.

Counting from 1-10


The children have also enjoyed practising reciting their numbers from 1-10. We have used foam numbers and counted together to then line ourselves up in the correct order. The children are getting good at this and Miss Hancox thinks that the children will be doing it all by themselves in no time at all.

Good work Chicks!



This week in Nursery, the children have been starting to recognise their emotions. To do this we have read Owl Babies and discussed what the babies would be feeling at different stages of the story.

The children then used an “emotions fan” to show Miss Hancox and Mrs Horsely how they were feeling that day- luckily the majority of the children chose happy or excited to sum up their feelings!

Forest School


This week the nursery children attended Forest School for the first time. Firstly we played a game called 1,2,3 Where are you on the grass before heading into the Forest, when we were in the Forest we tried to find items that were the same colour as the piece of paper they had been given. The afternoon children did this on the grass just outside of the forest and then had a quick walk through the forest.

All About Me

These week we have been starting to look at our topic “All About Me”. We have been looking in mirrors and the children have been telling Lola and Peppa (our class friends) something about what they can see. Paige told Lola that “I have red lips”, Seth told Lola “I have a white face”, ” I can see my eyes are brown” said Jlees. We then progressed to try and draw our Self Portraits by looking in the mirrors and copying what we could see. We are now going to paint our portraits to go on display in the classroom.

The children have done really well with this, well done!

Big welcome to the new Chicks

Miss Hancox, Mrs Horsley and Miss Cass have enjoyed getting to know the new chicks and helping them to settle into nursery life. The older chicks have also enjoyed this and have loved making friends with the newer group members. We think that all of the children look very smart in their new uniforms! Miss Hancox has given out lots of prizes this week, as all of the children have shown their brilliant tidying up skills and have earned themselves 4 balloons.