Monthly Archives: October 2015

Nursery Rhymes


This week we have been learning about nursery rhymes about animals. We have been picking animals out of a story sack and have then had to think of a nursery rhyme about the animal we have pulled out. We have learnt lots of new ones and have developed some favourites. The children have been re-enacting the nursery rhymes by performing puppet shows for their friends. It has been lovely to watch the children re-cap their learning completely unaided.

Stick & twig houses


During Forest School this week, we decided to take our theme of houses and homes further and made a house using the things we found in the Forest. The children collected as many sticks, twigs, leaves and stones as they could find and them made them into houses with a little assistance from Miss Hancox, Miss Cass and Mrs Coles. We then all tried to fit inside the houses we had made- needless to say it was quite a squeeze but we managed it!! All of the children behaved beautifully during Forest School so they all got a sticker! Well done Chicks!!

Discussing the houses we live in…


This week we have been looking at who we live with and what kind of property we live in. During a discussion about who we live with Miss Hancox learnt that Charlie R has a garden with a scooter and a trampoline. Jake has a garden and has a bunny called Patch in the garden. Oliver said that he lives in a house and that his daddy “built some stairs, he’s very good at building”

Some of the girls in the morning session used our junk modelling to create houses, Lily said that she lived in the house and tried to get inside!!

Fruit tasting


This week the children enjoyed a session of tasting different fruits, these included blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, oranges, apples, pears and grapes. Then children all did really well at exploring the textures of the different fruits and using all of their senses to smell, touch and taste the fruits. When the orange was peeled Paige stated “I can smell the orange” she went on to explain “It feels squidgy”. Brooke said that the grapes were “chompy” and Jackson said the strawberries “smell like an ice lolly”.