Monthly Archives: November 2015

Making birthday cakes


This week the children have really enjoyed learning about birthdays and birthday parties as part of our Celebrations topic. We have discussed what happens on your birthday and what kind of things we have at birthday parties. The children also enjoyed having a mock birthday party and making some birthday cakes. The all had a go at stirring the mixture and icing them the next day- I have heard that they were very yummy!

The Great Pet Sale

This week we have been focusing on “The Great Pet Sale” book as part of our Pets topic.

The children have really enjoyed using stick puppets and role play masks to try and retell the story and deciding whether some statements about the story were true or false, the children really got on board with this and were successful at differentiating between true and false statements. If they were unsure as to whether the statement was true or false they would look through the book to work it out.

We have also been role paying being the shop keeper and a customer buying a new pet, there are some real bargains in our Pet Shop!

Discussing pets

This half term we will be looking at pets, as part of this topic this week the children have been looking at different pets and even got shown a few pictures of Miss Hancox’ cats and rabbits! The children have told us about their own pets and made some interesting comments regarding pets. When looking at Miss Hancox’ rabbit Alfie said “He’s like a dinosaur” and Frankie said “2 ears” Havana commented “He talks, my rabbit at nanny’s house talks to me”

They have also enjoyed looking at items and trying to decide which pet these would belong to. Rayyan made the link between the collar we had to look at and handle and one we had in a picture that a cat was wearing. When looking at the hamster ball Paige commented “a hamster runs in there” When looking at the dog’s lead Jackson Kane said “It’s a lead for a dog to walk, he can’t run off”.

Halloween Party


All of the children made a big huge effort to dress up for our Halloween Party on the last day of term. There was a lot of dancing and singing along to some of the children’s favourite songs. The children enjoyed playing with worms in jelly and the insides of the pumpkin. They also decorated a biscuit with black icing to follow our Halloween theme- they took these home to enjoy!!