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Eating Baby Bear’s Porridge!


Continuing with our “Goldilocks and The Three Bears” theme, the children helped to make porridge and they got to try a little bit. All of the children had a go at mixing the porridge, they then got to go and watch it cook. The children really made the link to Goldilocks by telling the teacher’s they had eaten all of baby bear’s porridge!!

Teddy bear picnic

On Friday the children enjoyed hosting a teddy bear’s picnic for all of their favourite teddies, The children planned what food they wanted to have at our teddy bear’s picnic, Miss Hancox went out and brought the food that was requested! The children then helped to make the sandwiches and snacks, some of the morning children even helped Miss Cass cut up the bananas!

All of the teddy bears got to try some of the food as well! Ryan’s spiderman wasn’t too keen on the strawberries!

Baby bear in the classroom


The children got to have a go at Hot Seating on Thursday, having Baby Bear in the classroom and asking him questions that they had thought of such as “How did you feel when your chair got broken?”, “What did you do with Mummy and Daddy bear do in the forest when you were waiting for your porridge to cool down?” ” What is your favourite breakfast?” “What is your favourite game to play in the forest?” Baby Bear replied that his favourite game to play is “Hide and Seek” we then used this idea to play hide and seek in the forest and went for a walk to try and find the Three Bears house. Alfie found a plaque and decided that it said The Three Bear’s House”.

Goldilocks and the Three Bears


This week we have begun to learn about “Goldilocks and the Three Bears”. The children enjoyed acting this out,and did it mainly from memory (with a little prompting!) The children really engaged with the characters, we had some very big Daddy Bear voices in the classroom. All of the children who were observing and waiting for their turn to participate, were absolutely engrossed in the story.

Going on the bear hunt


During Forest School this week, the children went on the Bear Hunt, we walked through the swishy, swashy grass, then made our way through the deep cold river, nearly got stuck in the thick oozy mud, were very brave through the dark forest, got very cold in the snowstorm, then discovered a cave. Inside that cave we found the BEAR!! They enjoyed using the binoculars they made earlier in the week to look out for bears!

Bear Hunt


Continuing our “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt” story, on Tuesday the children drew maps to help someone who has never heard the story to follow it. The children worked in their chicks groups and easily sequenced the story and then got to chose how to draw each part of the story.

The children really enjoyed this and are still very engrossed in the Bear Hunt Story.

We’re Going On A Bear Hunt – Week 1


Welcome back! I hope you have all had a peaceful relaxing Christmas and New Year!

The children have all settled back into nursery very quickly.

This term our topic is “If You Down To The Woods”, we have started this topic by focusing on the story “We’re Going on A Bear Hunt” the children have really enjoyed this story and have loved having the opportunity to re-play the story with our supporting independent table top activities.

We have even created our own Forest and Cave within the classroom, we managed to find our very own bear!!!