Monthly Archives: February 2016

Tasting different vegetables


During our growing topic we are focusing on Mr Bloom’s Nursery, because of this we decided to taste the vegetables that are characters in the story, these included Colin the runner bean, Raymond the butternut squash, Joan the fennel, Margaret the cabbage and Sebastian the aubergine. The morning children really enjoyed tasting the butternut squash and had two lots each!! Whereas the afternoon children loved the runner beans.

We have also planted some seeds and are enjoying watching them grow.

Chinese New Year dragons in the forest


Today following on from our “Chinese New Year” theme we decided to take paint down to the forest. We then collected objects to make our dragon, Mrs Horsley helped the children by drawing the outline of a dragon with string, the children then filled this in with leaves and sticks. Miss Hancox then brought out the paint and the children painted the leaved in bright colours- red and yellow fitted in with our theme.

Making our own bears


Today the children collected resources they thought would be useful for them to make their own bears. They collected sticks, leaves and stones. We then headed back to the classroom and all of the children had their own piece of paper and made a bear using the resources they found. Here are some of the results.