Monthly Archives: March 2016

Easter workshop



The nursery children enjoyed making their Easter bonnets and showing off their creations on the catwalk!! they completed the Easter egg hunt with their mummies and daddies. They found the eggs so quickly Miss Hancox wasn’t even ready with the chocolate eggs!! We hope you have a lovely Easter and look forward to seeing you on 11th April.

Growing – Baby photos


Following on our growing theme this week Miss Hancox asked all of the children to bring in their own baby photos and a current photo. Miss Hancox, Miss Chambers and Mrs Horsley also brought theirs in!!

The children really enjoyed taking it in turns to guess which photo belonged to which child and were also very good at not giving it away when it was their photo going round!! The children showed how observant they are as they managed to work out the correct child regularly!

Planting the “seeds” in PE


We continued our “The Little Red Hen” theme in P.E, where we had to jump up and down in a hoop as if we were planting the seeds, then we had to weave in and out of cones as if we were threshing the wheat. We then had to throw beanbags into a bucket like we were putting the bread mixture in the oven to cook. The children really enjoying participating in our obstacle course and took turns beautifully.

Retelling “The Little Red Hen”


This week the children have really enjoyed learning about “The Little Red Hen” they enjoyed retelling the story using props and then making bread just like the little red hen. We then enjoyed trying the bread we had made the following day!

The children have all made a paper plate Little Red hen to go on our display, they look absolutely brilliant.

We are continuing with our “The Little Red Hen” theme during P.E, photos to follow in the next blog.