Monthly Archives: April 2016

People Who Help Us- Post People


This week the children have enjoyed talking about Post People and what their job entails.

We firstly read “The Jolly Postman” and in the afternoon session we were lucky enough to have Scarlet’s dad come and talk to us about his job as he is a Post man. The children really engaged and asked some very good questions.

We have also set up our role play area as a Post Office and the children have loved this, Charlie T has been sat behind the till asking the other children what they would like and Ryan was telling him that he wanted to post 2 parcels.

Alfie enjoyed dressing up in the Royal Mail shirt and noticed that he had the same logo on the shirt as Scarlet’s dad had on his uniform!

Forest School


During Forest School this week the children had to put themselves into pairs and then find a hoop that had been placed somewhere in the Forest. The children then had to call over an adult and discuss with them what they had found growing within their hoop. We found leaves, moss and trees.

The morning children even managed to see the Refuse Collectors collection the rubbish on the road next to school. The Refuse Collectors were very kind and waved to us and beeped their horn. Charlie even remembered that they are people who help us.

People Who Help Us- Vets


This week the children have enjoyed learning all about the vets, we have watched some clips of kittens going to the vets and discussed the equipment that they have used, several of the children have been able to make the link between the equipment that the vets use and the equipment that Doctors use.

They have also really enjoyed using the equipment during their role play sessions and have acted out doctor and vet scenes.

Finding instructions during Forest School


During Forest School, Chicks class managed to find some instruction cards that were located around the forest hanging off the trees. These instruction cards included instructions such as “Can you find a big leaf?” “Can you find a brown leaf?” “Can you find a big stick?” “Can you find a wiggly worm?”

The children were very successful and managed to find each of the objects requested.

Mod Rock Emergency Vehicles


This week the children have really enjoyed getting to know the newer members of the group, these are Logan, Mason, Abdullah, Joshua and Naomi.

We are beginning our “People Who Help Us” topic this week, whilst being introduced to this topic we have used Mod Rock as plaster casts on our Doll’s arms and legs, and have also started to make “Emergency Service Vehicles.”

The children have loved using the Mod Rock and papier Mache to make the vehicles and have started to describe the texture of the Mod Rock.