Monthly Archives: May 2016

Stick men x-rays in Forest School


This week during Forest School the children have been using their imaginative skills to create stick men using the resources they could find within the forest. Mrs Horsley made a stick man to demonstrate what the children should do and the children created their own independently. They all did very well and were determined to complete the task.

Miss Hancox also wanted to mention how proud she was of all of the afternoon children during yesterday’s Fire Drill- all of the children left the classroom quietly and listening to what their teachers were telling them. Well Done Afternoon Chicks- stickers all round!!

People Who Help Us- Doctors


This week we have been focusing on Doctors and Nurses, the children have really enjoyed this and have been making Miss Hancox better by covering me in plasters and giving me injections!

The afternoon children were very lucky this week as Oliver’s mum is a community nurse and came in to tell the children all about what she does. She also brought in some things that the children were able to look at and play with including plasters, masks and her uniform.

Forest School – Spider Webs


This week in Forest School the children went hunting for spider webs, they paid incredible details to the structure of the spider webs, Miss Hancox then called all of the children back together and gave them two sticks and a piece of string to try and create their own Spider Webs. Miss Hancox did demonstrate how to do so to give the children a little guidance although most of the children did better than Miss Hancox! The children all really persevered with this task, very well done!

People Who Help Us – Police


This week we are learning all about the police. Today the children have pretended to be the police and solve a crime in Nursery – Somebody had stolen all of our toys and pencils!!!

Luckily the children were on hand to dust for fingerprints and look for clues.

Charlie in the afternoon found a map and decided that this was the route to the burglar’s house. We followed the map and sure enough found our toys.

Forest School


This week during Forest School the children collected sticks and placed them in a big pile, after this Miss Hancox asked each child to find 2 sticks that were the same length, when they had done this they got given a piece of string to tie the 2 sticks together. The children all worked incredibly hard and persevered to achieve this. All children managed to tie the sticks together many without any help from the adults! Mrs Horsley has now displayed these in the classroom, see if you can spot them on Monday.

People Who Help Us – Fire Fighters


This week we have introduced Fire Fighters as people who help us. The children have really enjoyed putting the fires in the Small Worlds out using mini water pistols.

The children have also used this as a basis of their free play by pretending to be Fire fighters and put out fires in our outdoor area.

In the afternoon session Tommy acted as the person who had called the fire brigade and was directing the fire fighters to the scene.

Forest School – Finding Shapes In The Environment


Today in Forest School the children used their knowledge of shapes to try and locate some shapes in the environment. We recapped what certain shapes look like by drawing them in the air with our fingers and then went off to investigate.

Mrs Horsley had read the morning children “The Gruffalo’s Child” as we were getting ready for Forest School and so the children were really engaged and thought that they had found the Gruffalo’s footprint in the mud we went on to discuss this, Amaya even thought the Gruffalo might be in Miss Hancox’ welly!!

People Who Help Us- Refuse Collectors


This week we have continued our “People Who Help Us” topic by looking at Refuse Collectors. The morning children were lucky enough to have Seth’s dad come in and talk to them about what he does. The children thought of some brilliant questions and enjoyed learning more about this role.

We have also been discussing how different materials can be recycled. The children took it in turns to sort items that can be recycled and placing them in the correct container.