Monthly Archives: September 2016

Animal Nursey Rhymes


Our main focus this week has been Nursery Rhymes about animals. Firstly the children had to try and think of some nursery rhymes that were about children, they all tried very hard with this and came up with some very good suggestions.

The following day Miss Hancox and Mrs Horsley both had props for one of the nursery rhymes that the children had come up with, the children then acted out these nursery rhymes. Have a look through the photos and see if you can work out which Nursery rhymes we are acting out.

Colour Matching in Forest School


During Forest School this week each had to find something colourful within the Forest, they had been given a colour swatch sheet, and then had to try and match the item they found to one of the colours on their sheet. The children were very good at this and managed to match the colours successfully.

We were also very lucky to have a Robin circling us, the Robin sat on the branch very close to us as if he wanted to join in!!

Exploring Sounds within the classroom


This week during our phonics sessions Miss Hancox gave each child a paintbrush, they were then asked to go and explore the different sounds they could make using the paintbrush as a beater. The children really enjoyed this and found many different sounds. The children then got to take it in turns to demonstrate which of the sounds they discovered was their favourite.

Drumming outdoors


During our Phonics session this week the children got to use beaters outside to listen to the different sounds they could make by drumming on different materials. The children got to explore the different materials and then had to feedback to Miss Hancox and their peers which sound was their favourite. Romeo said that his favourite was the sound tat was made when he drummed on the bike. Joshua and Niamh enjoyed drumming on the metal tepee. Firas’ favourite was drumming on the watering can.

Colour matching in the Forest


This week in Forest School we took colour sheets with us to the Forest and tried to find something that matched the colour on our sheet within the environment. The children really enjoyed this. Firas also managed to notice a bird in the tree making the branches move and called out for Miss Hancox to have a look. On the way back to Nursery Daisy found an ant on the manhole cover, all of the children were very interested in this and stopped to have a look.

Animal Nursery Rhymes


This week Miss Hancox has introduced the topic of Nursery Rhymes, we have particularly focused on Nursery Rhymes that are about animals. Firstly Miss Hancox asked the children what nursery rhymes they knew that were about Nursery rhymes, with a little assistance we managed to come up with a long list of different rhymes! The children have enjoyed focusing on two different nursery rhymes and acting them out using props. We have also been making sheep to go on a “Baa baa Black Sheep” display.

Hearing sounds


On Friday the children got to explore the sounds we could hear in Forest School. Each child put on a pair of listening ears, we then sat in silence and Miss Hancox asked the children to report back on something they could hear. Liam started us off and explained that he could hear “the wind and a car”, Daisy Gill stated “Daisy hear a bird” Naomi could hear “a motorbike”. Fabulous attention to what you can hear chicks, Well done!

Leaning about ourselves


This week the children have enjoyed learning about themselves, during this topic we have looked at “The Hungry Caterpillar” and discussed the foods that the caterpillar likes to eat and then suggested our own food likes and dislikes. We have then moved on to discussing physical appearance, whilst looking at this we have taken it in turns to have a look in a mirror and tell our peers something they could see, for example “I have blue eyes” the other children then had to put their hands up if they also had blue eyes. We went on to discuss if the children with the selected feature looked similar to each other. Here we are learning about similarities and differences that connect us to and distinguish us from our peers. The children have been very busy painting self portraits and completing their own portraits using Pasta shapes.

Forest School


During Forest School, on Monday we decided to host a mini listening walk, during our listening walk each child wore a pair of listening ears and had to report back to Miss Hancox what they could hear. Firas could hear a “helicopter”, Naz heard a “car door closing”, Scarlett thought she could hear “a bird”. After we had done this we were lucky enough to actually see the bird who came and sat on one of the branches close to the children.