Monthly Archives: November 2016

Making butterflies


Following on from our exploring colour theme this week, the children have all made a butterfly. Here they have painted one side of the butterfly and then folded it over to see what happened to the colour. Some of the children were amazed at the results! The butterflies will be displayed by Miss Hancox’ projector to identify the Butterfly family group.

Throwing skills


During PE this week the children practiced their throwing skills. To do this Miss Hancox provided the children with a soft small javelin, Mrs Horsley then held a hoop that the children attempted to throw the javelin through. The children all had fabulous hand eye coordination and were successful at getting the javelin through the hoop.

Experimenting with colours


This week the Nursery children have been focusing on “The Monkey with a bright blue bottom” as part of our colour topic. Today we did an experiment using Skittles and hot water, before starting the experiment Miss Hancox asked the children what shape the skittles were placed in on the plate, then asked each child to identify one of the colours that were on the plate. Lastly, before starting Miss Hancox explained to the children that the water in the jug was very very hot and that only adults were allowed to touch it and that it would hurt the children’s fingers if they touched it to which Romeo replied “Go to hospital”. The children were fascinated by the change in colour of the water.

The Blue Balloon


This week we have been focusing on “The Blue Balloon” the children were very good at re-telling the story and using props from the story to assist them. The children have also enjoyed exploring the texture of water beads as a funky fingers activity. We have also used blown up balloons to create our own balloon pictures that we have displayed around the classroom. The children really showcased their ability to be “Concentrating Crocodiles” by completing their balloon paintings independently.

Anti-bullying Week

At Bells Farm we’re taking part in anti-bullying week, Nursery joined in with the rest of the school and made our own heart in the classroom to represent how we have kind hands and mouths and how we are always nice to our friends. The children all received a bangle for anti-bullying week and enjoyed wearing these. The children liked having this reminder about how we are all friends and are kind to everyone.




2 minute silence

Miss Hancox, Mrs Horsley and Miss Cass were very impressed with the children on Friday who managed to sit in complete silence for 2 whole minutes with a timer as a visual cue. Miss Hancox briefly explained the reason behind the silence and the children sat beautifully- they all got a sticker for sitting soo well and showing respect.




Playing tennis


This week we have read “The Blue Balloon” we used this as a basis for our P.E lesson and decided to try and control a tennis ball using a tennis racket. The children really showed how they can be “Concentrating Crocodiles” and worked hard at controlling the balloon, and all of the children joined in. They did this on their own to start off with but as they were soo good Miss Hancox decided to make it a little bit harder and paired the children up, they were trying to hit the balloon back and forth to each other, the children had fabulous control!!

Stage and role play


This week Miss Cass has transformed our indoor role play area into a stage, complete with a ticket office, the children know that you need a ticket to be able to watch the show and if they are in the show they do not need a ticket, they are still learning about how to put on a show but are all becoming more confident to sing a song when on the stage. We are hoping that after a week of us demonstrating putting on a show, the children will be confident too do it without assistance and will be “I Know Rhino’s” the children do demonstrate “I Know Rhino” behaviour when they are in the outdoor role play area as they cook dinner and call in their friends when it is cooked.

Brave climbing


This week during PE we were all “Go For It Gorilla’s” as we showed Miss Hancox and Mrs Horsley how brave we are by climbing on the climbing frame. The climbing frame is really high so Miss Hancox only let the children climb up three steps, it was still very very high though!