Monthly Archives: December 2016

A visit from Santa!


All of the Chicks have enjoyed a Christmas party this week, eating lots of party food and playing some lovely games, such as Musical Statues, Find the Christmas Baubles and Grandmothers Footsteps.

The children also had an unexpected visitor. Father Christmas popped in to make sure they were all behaving themselves. The children were all very brave and several of the children choose to have their photograph with Father Christmas!

All of the nursery staff would like to wish all of the children a Merry Christmas and a Happy new Year. We will see you all back from 4th January.

Telling the Nativity


The children enjoyed learning about the story behind Christmas and were able to re-tell key things about the story the following day. The children enjoyed wearing the masks and re-telling the story. All of the children played a part and were good at suggesting wht was going to happen next.

Jumping over hurdles


During PE this week we jumped over the hurdles, a lot of the children demonstrated a “Go For It Gorilla” attitude as they initially were not confident to jump over the hurdles without holding miss Hancox’ hands however by the end of the session they were confident to step over all by themselves.

Instrumental sounds


This half term during Phonics we have been learning about instrumental sounds, one of the games that we have started to play to encourage this learning is “Grandmother’s Footsteps” using musical instruments, when one instrument is played the children have to move quickly and when another instrument is played the children have to move slowly. Miss Hancox enjoyed teaching the children how to play the game before introducing the musical instruments as a lot of the children were unfamiliar with the game.

Imaginative Play


During free play outside the children used the blue blocks, crates and wooden planks to construct and made this. When asked what they had made they all had some very different ideas! These included: Romeo “traffic jam” ,Joshua stated “made a bridge” and Niamh said “We made a train track”, adding a storyline to the play Millie said “Train stuck” here these children are demonstrating “I know Rhino” behaviour as they are adding a narrative to their play and are talking about objects that are familiar to them in their personal lives.