Monthly Archives: January 2017

Chinese New Year

This week the children have really enjoyed learning about the story of the Chinese New Year. They took the story in and were able to re-tell parts of the story during their free play. Liam and George were using the animals and discussing which position each animal came in the race. The children have all creates a Dragon’s head that is now being displayed within the classroom. We practised out number recognition and ordering by making the Dragon’s body on the interactive whiteboard, all of the children enjoyed this and Mason has asked to do it again this week!

Treasure Hunt

During Forest School this week the children took part in a Treasure Hunt, during which Miss Hancox would ask the children to go and find something specific, for example a green leaf or a stone. The children had to use their brainboxes and their listening ears to ensure they knew what they had been asked to find and brought the correct item back to the group. The children all really enjoyed this and did concentrate well. Firas and Abdullah found the log with 25 on it and pointed it out to Miss Hancox, Abdullah recognised the 2 and Firas recognised the 5. Some of the children that attend the afternoon session realised that there were not enough logs for everyone to sit down and very kindly offered to share with their peers.

Building our own house

During Forest School the children went to have a look around Forest School to explore what could be used as a house or home, Liam suggested as we were walking that the “cave” could be a good place to live, when we got to the cave all of the children agreed. We went on to collect sticks and twigs to tried to build our own house, Mrs Horsley managed to make a tepee with the children’s assistance.

Houses and homes


This week the children have really enjoyed our topic of houses and homes. We have had a particular focus on how houses are built. The children have used this to shape their play and have loved using the wooden blocks and shaving foam to build their own towers and houses.

We also enjoyed looking at some of the materials that builders use, Mrs Horsley’s father was a builder and still had some of his materials and was kind enough to let Mrs Horsley bring them in and show the children, the children all really enjoyed this and were able to identify where each piece of material was likely to be used when building a house.

Enjoying the snow



On Friday the children were lucky enough to go out and play in the snow that had fallen and settled on the floor. They enjoyed making a very minute snowman and making snow angels on the floor, even Mrs Horsley made a snow angel! They also found a piece of ice that had formed on the sandpit cover and investigated whether they were able to see through it or not and if it was easier or harder to see through than the ice we found the previous week.

Exploring the texture of ice


Welcome back and Happy New Year! We hope everyone had a lovely Christmas. Last week the children really enjoyed the cold weather. They especially enjoyed exploring the texture of the ice that had formed on the cover of the sand pit. Liam, in particular, enjoyed this, he wanted to include all of his friends and make sure none of them missed out, therefore he kept inviting them to come and feel the ice. George enjoyed looking through the large piece of ice, that has broken off, as Miss Hancox and Mrs Horsley help it, the children thought the ice looked like a window.