Monthly Archives: February 2017

The Three Little Pigs

Welcome back! I hope you have all had a lovely relaxing half term and are now ready to get back to nursery.

During the last week of term we focused on “The Three Little Pigs”, the children really engaged in the story and were able to re-tell the story without any adult support, the children retold key parts of the story using masks from the story.

The children also enjoyed spending time with their parents during our “Play,Stay and Chat” sessions and loved making houses out of the different materials that the Three Little Pigs used in the story.

This half term our focus will be “Down On The Farm”, we will have lots of exciting activities, look out for a letter from myself regarding a trip this half term.

Making spider webs

This week as pat of our “Animal Habitats” topic we explored the ice with the sea animals and discussed which animals would live there. We then tried to create our own animal homes by creating spider webs using glue and glitter, these have turned out wonderfully and are very eye catching. The children have now added a spider into their web, they are being displayed in the classroom and I am sure the children would love to show you where they are during “play, stay and chats” next week.

Making bird feeders

This week we have been learning about animal homes. The children have used this topic to make bird feeders to place in the forest to ensure the birds have enough to eat. The children enjoyed handling the mealworms and sesame seeds and filling up their bottles, we will be looking to see if they are empty next time we go to the Forest. The children really concentrated on this task and many of them tried to tie their own knot in the string to hang their bird feeders.

Mr/Miss Try

This week in Forest School the children all demonstrated being “Mr/Miss Try” as they tried to create their own houses out of sticks and string. The children really persisted and attempted to tie a knot in the string to keep their sticks together. Ryan and Lilly really worked hard and were successful.

When we got to the Forest the children remembered that Mrs Horsley had filled a bottle with meal worms for the birds and wanted to check if the worms were still there, we went to check and all of the worms had gone, therefore Mrs Horsley filled the bottle again.

As we were coming back from Forest School there was a pigeon in our outdoor area, the children all understood that we needed to be quiet and not get too close to the pigeon as this could scare him- showing their care and concern for animals.