Monthly Archives: March 2017

Ash End House Farm trip

The children absolutely loved visiting Ash End House Farm. They got to meet lots of different animals, including a calf that was born on Tuesday. The children enjoyed singing Nursery Rhymes with Farmer Joan as we walked around the farm park. They were able to feed some goats, sheep and ducks, giving them all their special food. We even got to meet an Owl, some of the children were brave enough to hold the Owl when wearing the special gloves.

Miss Hancox hopes all of the children enjoyed the trip as much as the adults! She would also like to mention how proud she was of all of the children, they sat beautifully on the coach on the way to the farm and stayed with the adult who’s group they were in whilst at the farm brilliantly. The children really could not have behaved any better!

‘What the Ladybird Heard’

This week the children have really engaged with our focused book for the week ‘What the Ladybird Heard’. The story was quite a long story however all the children stayed engaged whilst listening to it. The following day the children acted out the story, again all of the children enjoyed this whether it was watching or taking a more active role in acting out the story. The children have also all had a go at creating a ladybird which is now going to be displayed on the door to the classroom.

Using hoops

This week in PE Mrs Horsley created some tasks for the children to complete, these included using hoops in a variety of different ways, the children had to think about what they could do with the hoops, we held a conversation about the things hey could do such as skipping through the hoops, rolling the hoops, spinning the hoops. The other task that was set was to use the ball in a cup to try and catch the ball, the children had to show good hand eye co-ordination to be able to complete this.

Throwing and Catching

This week during PE Miss Hancox split the children into pairs the children were then being given a ball per pair. Miss Hancox and Mrs Horsley demonstrated how to catch the ball correctly by cupping their hands. We also demonstrated how to throw the ball underarm. The children then got busy throwing and catching between themselves. They were very mature and worked well independently. The children got very excited when they were able to catch the ball between their pairs.