Monthly Archives: September 2017


This week the children have begun to learn about birthdays through the stories ‘Mr Men Birthday Party.’ They began the week by listening to how Little Miss Helpful had tried to help Mr Birthday plan Mr Silly’s birthday party and how everything went wrong. The children decided that they would be better at planning a party than Little Miss Helpful and off they went. They began by making their own birthday cards.

The children then choose and made presents for Mr Silly (and themselves!)

The children enjoyed painting birthday cakes at the painting station, making cakes on the play dough table, making mud cakes outside in the tuff spot and drawing cakes on the chalk boards. The children also made their own birthday cakes at the workshop table and decorated cupcakes on the computer.

The children have loved having their own birthday parties in the Home Corner. They have set up a party room, given out food, shared the cake, worn party hats and sang Happy Birthday to their friends. What a fantastic week in Nursery!


This week the children have been busy during discovery time painting their self-portraits. They have used mirrors to look at their facial features and colourings. They concentrated very well and their portraits look amazing.

The children have also been drawing pictures of themselves and their families.

The children have made faces using play dough and they have collaged faces at the workshop table.

This week the children have also discussed where they live. They have made houses and flats out of playdough, they have drawn houses and flats outside on the floor, they have made houses and flats using jigsaw pieces, drawn houses on the computer and they have been very creative making flats and houses using the large bricks in the outdoor classroom.

A very busy week in Nursery!

Video: Welcome to Nursery Owls!

Our youngest children at Bells Farm have begun Nursery this week and we have had lots of fun settling into our newly designed learning environment. The children in Nursery are now known as the Owls and they have been split into two family groups: The Tawny Owls and The Snowy Owls.

The children have been learning all about Owls through the story ‘Owl Babies’. The children have been very creative and they have made Tawny Owls at the workshop table and Snowy Owls at the painting table. They have also drawn lots of owls on my whiteboard!

The children have also been making Tawny and Snowy Owls on the play dough table. They have even made juicy worms for the owls to eat. Some children enjoyed making a nest for the baby owls using the construction.

The children have also worked hard to retell the story of the ‘Owl Babies’ through playing with our owl puppets on the small world table and through participating in ‘Talk for Writing.’ The children worked in family groups and they thought of pictures and actions to help us remember key events in the story.

The children then tried really hard to use these illustrations and actions to retell the ‘Owl Babies’ story to their friends.