Monthly Archives: October 2017


This week the children have been learning about Diwali, the Hindu festival of light. The children have been learning about how Hindus prepare and celebrate Diwali. In the classroom they have been making their own Rangoli patterns. Some children decorated their Rangoli patterns using coloured rice.

Some children painted their Rangoli patterns.

Some children made Rangoli patterns using play dough and seeds.

And some children made Rangoli patterns using the geoboards and elastic bands. The children have learnt that Rangoli patterns are colourful designs made on the floor near the entrance to a house to welcome guests and to bring good luck. The children were very creative and they have also demonstrated hoe well they can concentrate. They have created some lovely mehndi patterns. The children have learnt that Mehndi patterns are beautiful patterns on hands and feet. The children decorated pretend hands using our beautiful sequins.

The children have also enjoyed making their own Diva lamps with their parents. The Owls have had their stay, play and chat sessions this week. All the Owl’s parents were invited into school to discuss their child’s progress and to stay and play with their child. All the parents loved visiting our Nursery and everybody had lots of fun. The Owls have been discussing the story of Rama and Sita and they understand that the diva lamps helped light up the way home for Rama and Sita.


This week the children have been learning about baby Jamie being christened at church. They have enjoyed acting out the christening with some children being the parents and some children being the god parents. We even had a vicar and a congregation. They took their roles very seriously!

In the classroom the children have been trying very hard to find the letters in their name as baby Jamie was christened with his full name.

Some children also made christening candles and christening bracelets.

Some children also made babies at the play dough table and they made babies with christening gowns on at the workshop table.

The children really enjoyed washing the babies in the water trays. They also acted out the role of the vicar, using the water tray as a font, by pouring water over the babies’ heads and drawing the sign of the cross on the babies’ foreheads.

Another busy week in Nursery!

Mr Happy’s Birthday

The children have continued to learn about birthdays this week. They have been very busy writing invitations to Mr Happy’s birthday party.

They have also learnt how to use a stapler and they have made their own party bags. The children also made their own party hats!

The children have had lots of fun making Mr Happy some birthday presents out of the construction and they tried really hard to wrap up the presents using newspaper and masking tape.

The children have also been very busy learning how to cook Mr Happy a vegan birthday cake and some vegan cupcakes. Lots of fun was had icing the cakes and everybody thought they tasted delicious!

On Friday we celebrated Mr Happy’s birthday. We came to school in our party clothes and we played lots of party games. We danced the morning away and we enjoyed eating the party food. We also gave Mr Happy his birthday cake and we sang him ‘Happy Birthday.’ A fantastic way to end of learning journey on birthday celebrations.