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Lark in the Ark

This week the children have been learning about Noah’s Ark through a story called ‘A Lark in the Ark.’ It is a rhyming book about the animals getting bored on the ark and having a game of hide and seek to pass the time. The children enjoyed the animals getting up to mischief on the ark and hiding in Noah’s bedroom!

We have also been making arks of our own. The children have been very determined to make boats out of plasticine that floated. It has taken a lot of persistence!

They have also been learning about rainbows, in particular when we see a rainbow and why we see a rainbow in the sky. We tried to make rainbows in the classroom. It was tricky but we did manage to see the white light being split into the seven colours.

The children have also made rainbows of their own. They have finger painted rainbows, threaded rainbows, coloured in rainbows and they have created some marble paintings with the rainbow colours.

The children have also enjoyed making up their own animals for Noah’s ark. They used a programme on the computer to mix up animal body parts and create new creatures. The children thought their new animals were very funny!

The children have continued to enjoy playing in the Noah’s Ark role play area and in the small world Noah’s Ark. This week they have progressed to feeding the animals, weighing and comparing quantities of food, as well as writing some animal care plans!

Noah’s Ark

This week the children have been learning about the effects of too much rain. They have learnt about flooding through the story of Noah’s Ark. The children have loved being outside building their own ark. The children have used a variety of tools and resources as well as developing their measuring, mark making and problem solving skills. The children have also being learning to share and co-operate throughout and they have definitely been an Imagindocus!

Inside the classroom the children have been playing with Noah’s animals. They have acted out parts of the story in the small world Noah’s ark, at the puppet theatre and in our big Noah’s ark role play area.

They have also counted the animals, put them in twos and made their own animals for the ark out of play dough.

Some children have also built pens for their animals so that they were safe inside the ark. Some pens even had food and water bowls and a bath!

The children have also completed some Noah’s ark jigsaws and they have learnt how to take photos of their work on the iPad!


This week the Owls have been learning about water. The children have learnt where our water comes from (thanks to Auntie Mabel) and why water is important to us. They have also learnt about the water cycle.

The children have talked a lot about the rain and they been very busy exploring the properties of water in various water trays as well as making some super pom pom rainbows.

The children have shown that they are super stickosaurus’ this week as it took a lot of concentration and determination to successfully design, make and test their own umbrellas. The children discovered that they got very wet if they used paper or tissue paper on their umbrellas. It was soon discovered that plastic bags made a much better umbrella. The children really enjoyed testing out their umbrellas!

The children have also enjoyed using water to wash the baby’s clothes, the bikes and the scooters in our outdoor classroom. They have also learnt about the impact of too much water and they have been exposed to the consequences of flash flooding.

Video: Bonfire Night

This week in Nursery the children have been learning all about Bonfire Night. They have learnt why we celebrate Bonfire Night and they have learnt how to keep safe when going to a bonfire and firework display. The children have enjoyed playing with the small world, setting up a bonfire display and acting out how to keep safe. Some children even wrote some rules to help them remember how to keep safe.

The children have also enjoyed painting pictures of bonfires using their handprints and they have enjoyed using forks and pipe cleaners to paint their own firework display. On a large scale the children have loved doing some splatter paintings outside to recreate fireworks and they are so proud of their splatter fireworks that we have displayed them in the classroom.

This week some children have also drawn fireworks using chalk, have made fireworks on the funky fingers table using pipe cleaners and beads, and some children have made fireworks on the play dough table. In the outdoor classroom some children have used the ribbons and the hoops to make some firework dances and explosions. They children even made some firework sound effect noises as they played.

The children have also made firework rockets on the workshop table. They selected their own resources and created their own rocket designs. The children are becoming very independent in thought and action.

During our Language for Thinking sessions the children have been learning about performance poetry. In their family groups they have made up their own firework poems and then they have devised actions to go alongside their poems. Afterwards the children performed their poems to their friends.

First group

Second group