Monthly Archives: December 2017

It’s Christmas!

This week the Owls joined the Swans and they performed in the Christmas Nativity Play ‘Little Angel gets her wings.’ The children were fantastic stars and they sang beautifully.

The Owls and Owlets had their Christmas party this week. They danced, played games and eat lots of party food!

The children also had a visit from Father Christmas!

Christmas Workshop

On Thursday it was lovely to welcome the parents of the Owls and Owlets into our classroom for our Christmas Workshop. It was lovely to see so many parents working alongside the children making different Christmas decorations and participating in lots of different Christmas activities. The classroom was a hive of activity yet it had a relaxed, inviting and Christmassy feel to it. Merry Christmas everyone!

Trip to the Snowdome

This week the Owls have been learning all about snow. As part of their learning journey the children had an opportunity to visit the Snowdome. At the Snowdome the children had a fantastic time and they behaved impeccably. Super representatives of Bells Farm Primary!

The children played in the snow. They threw snowballs at each other, they had a ride on a sledge, they made snow angels and they went tubing down a slope.

The children then joined Santa and they helped him create the ‘BEST EVER christmas song EVER!’ They sung and danced along with Santa, Francine the foxtrotting fairy, Elvis the penguin and Santa’s Jingle Belles Band.

The children then went to the animal village where they saw Santa’s real reindeer, rabbits, ducks, goats and alpacas. They even saw Santa’s house!

It was an amazing experience for the children. The children really enjoyed themselves, although they were exhausted by the end of the trip and lots of children fell asleep on the coach heading back to school!


This week the children have been learning all about ice. The week began with a discovery. The children found, in the outdoor classroom, a letter from a man called Haides. He had captured all the princess’ in the world so that he could be ruler of the ice kingdom. The only way to stop him was to rescue the princess’. The children were very excited and they explored lots of different ways to try and rescue the princess’. They hit the ice with hammers, spanners, saws and drills. They dropped the ice on the floor and they tried to melt the ice with their hands. Eventually Nevaeh had the idea to put the ice in water. This did the trick. The ice melted and the princess’ were saved. Hurray!

The children have also been very busy in the classroom. They have been learning all about animals that live in the Artic regions and animals that live in the Antarctic regions. The children have also played with polar animals in the small world area.

They have painted polar animals.

And they have measured polar animals on the maths table using non-standard measurements.

The children have also really tried hard on the workshop table. They were set the challenge of making an igloo. This was very difficult but the children showed a lot of perseverance. Some igloos were 3D and looked amazing – just like the real thing! Others were 2D and they had TVs, settees and bedrooms inside them!

The children also made some fantastic penguins on the play dough table. Some children chose to make flat penguins using a variety of resources and other children chose to make 3D models of penguins that stood up. Both types of penguins looked fabulous. The children were definitely ‘Thinkodactyls’ – thinking of their own ideas and making decisions themselves. Well done Owls!