Monthly Archives: December 2018

Christmas Workshop

On Tuesday it was lovely to welcome the parents of the Owls into our classroom for our Christmas Workshop. It was lovely to see so many parents working alongside the children making different Christmas decorations and participating in lots of different Christmas activities. The classroom was a hive of activity yet it had a relaxed, inviting and Christmassy feel to it. Merry Christmas everyone!


This week as well as practising the Foundation Nativity play the children have been learning about why we celebrate Christmas. The children began the week by listening to the Christmas story. They then had fun acting out the story using face masks! During discovery time some children retold the story of Mary and Joseph as they played with the Nativity scene.

Other children made their own puppets to retell the story.

Some children tried to build Mary and Joseph somewhere to stay. They used lollypop sticks and pegs to build stables. Each stable was very unique. Some stables were even big enough to hold Mary and Joseph! The children were brilliant thinkodactyls, tryceratops’ and solveosaurus’ during this activity.

Lots of children also made the stars to help the shepherds and the Kings find their way to Bethlehem to see baby Jesus. Some children even matched these stars to the corresponding numeral or pieces of Numicon.

A very busy week in Nursery!