Monthly Archives: January 2019

Gingerbread Man

In the classroom this week the children have been reading the Gingerbread Man. They have been very busy painting gingerbread man and making gingerbread men out of play dough.

They have also been practising their fine motor skills by making split pin gingerbread men. This was very tricky but once again the children showed great perseverance.

The children have also been very busy building bridges for the gingerbread man to use instead of crossing the river on the fox’s back. The children built bridges out of the small logs and out of Lego. Some bridges took the children a long time to build and the children showed us that they can be a Solveosaurus.

Some children chose to mark make on gingerbread men. They demonstrated how they were a stickosaurus as it took them a long time to colour in the gingerbread men, think write a sentence on the back and cut out the gingerbread man.

Other children enjoyed exploring maths activities on the big computer. They used the mouse effectively to match numbers to buttons on gingerbread man on the Topmarks website. Lots of children also enjoyed navigating themselves around the ipad to complete a colouring in / drawing activity on Paint Sparkle.

In discovery time lots of children chose to recognise numbers and match the numbered gingerbread men to pom pom buttons. Other children chose to measure how tall the gingerbread men were using non-standard measures and the children really enjoyed a ‘beetle drive’ style game in a race to make a decorated gingerbread man first. However, the children’s favourite maths activity this week has been eating gingerbread men. The children were asked to take one bite out of their gingerbread man. The children then compared which body part they ate first. In family groups we draw a pictogram to display out results. After discovering that the most popular body part to eat first was the head, then the legs and then the arms, the children were then allowed to eat the rest of their gingerbread man.
Yum! Yum!

Bird Food

This week in our Muddy Monday sessions the children made their own bird food. They had lots of fun squashing the bird seeds and meal worms into lard balls. It was a very sticky, messy job. Next week the children will be going outside to hang their bird food packages around the forest and around the outdoor classroom. The children are excited to see which birds will visit us for food.