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Video: Chinese New Year

As well as Stay, Play and Chat sessions this week the children have been learning about Chinese New Year. The children enjoyed learning about the Chinese zodiac and they loved making their own Chinese dragon.

The children also enjoyed playing percussion instruments along to their Chinese New Year song.

And the children were amazing using the dragon they had made to create their own Chinese dragon dance.

What an amazing half term the Owls have had. Enjoy the holidays Owls!

Stay, Play and Chats

This week the Owl Nursery parents were invited into school to discuss their children’s progress and to play with their child. Lots of parents attended and the children really enjoyed making Chinese dragons at the workshop table with their parents. I would like to say a big thank you to all those parents who attended these sessions. The continued interest that you show in your child’s learning, progress and attainment has such a positive and profound effect on your child’s journey through school. Thank you.

Three Little Pigs

This week the children have been learning about the suitability of building materials through the traditional tale ‘The Three Little Pigs.’ They have been exploring building materials and they have built houses out of straw, sticks and bricks. The children then pretended to be story tellers and used the puppets to retell the ‘Three Little Pigs’ story. Some children even retold the story of the ‘Three Little Pigs’ after they had cut out and sequenced the story through pictures. The children really enjoyed putting on the different voices and shouting out the repeated refrains, especially ‘Not by the hairs on my chinny, chin, chin!’

The children also became brick layers this week and they pretended to put cement in between their bricks when they were building brick walls. This proved to be trickier than it looked!

Some children decided to make pigs out of play dough. The children are now getting very good at moulding and sculpting the play dough and their pigs look amazing. This activity took a lot of perseverance and concentration.

Other children preferred to paint the three little pigs as well as the big bad wolf. The children were encouraged to really look at the pigs and the wolf before painting and they were encouraged to make sure that their paintings were as detailed as possible. We really like the pictures that they have painted. They show great progression from the start of Nursery.

Lots of children decided to make the little pig’s face or the big bad wolf’s face at the workshop table. They explored combining different materials with different media. They worked independently and their character faces look amazing. I’m sure you will agree that the children have worked extremely hard this week.

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

This week the children have been learning about the traditional tale ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears.’ They began the week by creating a story map of the story. The children drew the key events in the story and they learnt the repeated refrains. They especially enjoyed putting on daddy bear’s voice, mummy bear’s voice and baby bear’s voice.

The children also really enjoyed retelling the story of ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’ in the role play area and in the small world area using different props, puppets and costumes. They all looked very cute dressed up as the three bears!

The children have also had the opportunity to make the three bears out of playdough and paint pictures of the three bears in paint and on the app ‘PaintSparkle.’

Some children decided to make beds for the bears and the bear’s house using recyclable materials.

Other children were an Explorosaurus. They enjoyed playing with the porridge oats, weighing the compare bears and the bowls of oats. They found it quite tricky to balance the scales but they persevered well. Other children chose to use the compare bears to copy and create patterns, looking closely at the size and colour of each compare bear and some children played a number track game. They had lots of fun racing each other to the three bear’s cottage.

Some children also showed great perseverance and determination this week when they had to work extremely hard to create a picture of Goldilocks and Red Riding Hood using the Hama beads. The children who completed this were definitely a stickosaurus and a tryceratops.

This week the children also tasted the three bear’s porridge every day. Each snack time the children sampled a different flavoured porridge. The children then drew a happy face if they liked the flavoured porridge. This tasting session was the highlight of each day! The children found out that the Snowy Owl’s favourite porridge was the plain / original but the Tawny Owl’s favourite porridge was the golden syrup!

Another busy week in Nursery!