Monthly Archives: March 2019

People who help us – Guide Dog Visit

On Tuesday the children met a guide dog called Bonnie. Mrs Hill’s friend Karen brought her into Nursery and explained to the children the role of a guide dog. Bonnie was very well behaved and was extremely gentle. The children loved stroking and cuddling Bonnie and thanks to Karen the children now understand how a guide dog can help change the lives of people who are blind or partially sighted safe.

In our Muddy Monday session this week the children experienced how difficult life would be if we had no sight. On the field Mrs Hill set up an obstacle course.

The first time the children completed the obstacle course they were allowed to see where they were going, where the obstacles were and they were able to decide upon how they were going to navigate up, over, through and around the course.

The second time the children completed the obstacle course they had a blindfold on. Initially they tried to navigate the course on their own but the children soon found it was too difficult. It was also a bit scary. The children were more successful when they had a friend to guide them. This activity emphasised to the children the role that a guide dog has – the importance of the dog being the blind person’s eyes.

People who help us – Vets

This week the children in Nursery have been learning about people who help us look after our pets. On Tuesday the children were lucky enough to have a visit from two veterinary nurses from the 608 Veterinary Practice in Solihull, along with Leah’s Mum, Mrs Cook.

The veterinary nurses began by showing the children the uniform of a veterinary nurse and that of a vet.

They went on to explain the different ways that they help us look after our animals. They explained about micro chipping our pets.

They let us listen to Archie’s heartbeat using a stethoscope.

They showed us worms and fleas and explained how vets can make these worms and fleas go away with special medicine.

They also showed us some animal x-rays.

And the children also learnt how to put a bandage on a wound.

The veterinary nurses also brought in some visitors for us to meet. The children loved meeting Archie, the Labrador.

They also loved meeting Leah’s cat, Milo.

But the children’s favourite visitor was Leah’s very chilled, laid back chicken called Mildred.

A big thank you to Mrs Cook and the veterinary nurses from the 608 veterinary practice. We really enjoyed your visit.

People who help us – The Police

This week we were lucky enough to have a visit from two local police officers. They explained to the children what it was like to be a police officer and they talked to the children about keeping themselves safe as well as stranger danger. The police officers also showed the children all of the equipment and clothing that they wear. The children also had the opportunity to sit in the police car, choosing whether they wanted to sit in the front or the back of the police car!

Back in the classroom and our outdoor area the children have really enjoyed being police officers themselves. They have particularly loved playing with the handcuffs and putting Mrs Horsley in jail!

When the children came to school on Wednesday morning there was a crime scene in the classroom. The children spent the rest of the week trying to investigate who pushed Humpty Dumpty off the wall!

The children began by predicting who pushed Humpty Dumpty off the wall.

The children then interviewed the suspects.

The children then made wanted posters.

The children then examined the all of the evidence and they solved the crime. The children discovered that it was Little Red Riding Hood who pushed Humpty Dumpty off the wall!

Besides solving the crime the children have also been busy examining finger prints.

Some children also chose to create images of Humpty Dumpty at the play dough table.

Other children chose to try and knock down Humpty’s wall without Humpty falling off!

And lots of children made their own walkie talkie radios. The children have taken these home so that they can pretend to be police officers at home too!

Another exciting week in Nursery.

People Who Help Us – The Fire Service

This week to begin our learning about the fire service the children had a visit from Kings Norton Fire Brigade. The children were very excited when three fire fighters turned up in the classroom. They talked to the children about their role as fire fighters. They also showed the children the special clothing and equipment that they have to wear to keep themselves safe.

The fire fighters also took the children outside to the staff car park. We met two more fire fighters outside and they showed us the fire engine. We looked at the equipment on the fire engine and then the children were very lucky as they were allowed to go inside the fire engine. The fire fighters put the sirens on as they left the premises – it was very loud! A big thank you to Kings Norton Fire Brigade for giving up their time and making the experience so special for the children.

Back in the classroom the children have been very busy. The children have learnt what to do if there is a fire in their house and they have learnt what to do if their clothes catch fire. The children have also learnt how to call for help and they have acted out fire scenarios in our small world area and outside, pretending that the bikes were fire engines and the blur tubes were fire hoses.

Some children also explored making play ladders, other children decided to make fire engines using the mobile construction sets and some children counted fire engines and flames, matching these to the Numicon pieces.

Road Safety

Yesterday the children met a crossing patrol officer called Tony. Tony explained to us how to safely cross the road. We practised crossing the road with Tony’s help, taking it in turns to be the pedestrians and the vehicles. We had lots of fun learning how to keep ourselves safe.

Last week the children played with the crossing patrol equipment in our outdoor area. The children were very good at riding their bikes, stopping at the zebra crossing and allowing their friends to cross the road safely. The children also had lots of fun learning to cross the road using our pedestrian lights. They loved pressing the button and making the beeping noise of the green flashing man.

The children also had lots of fun indoors. Some children made playdough roads and some children made their own road systems. The children demonstrated their road safety knowledge as they played.

Some children painted fantastic traffic lights.

And some children made wonderful vehicles at the workshop table. They selected their own resources and worked imaginatively and creatively. Well done Owls.