Monthly Archives: April 2019

Video: Easter Workshop

This week the children have had an Easter workshop. Mums, dads and grandparents were invited into school to make an Easter Bonnet with their child. Lots of fun was had by everybody and we were very impressed with the creativity that went into making the Easter hats.

The children then had the opportunity to take part in an Easter hat parade. The children were very brave as they walked down the catwalk, strutting their stuff, with all the parents and grandparents cheering them on.

The children then went back to the classroom and in our outdoor area more fun was had with parents and grandparents helping the children to find Easter Eggs. The children really enjoyed eating all the chocolate afterwards! A big thank you to all the parents and grandparents who came into school to make the Easter workshop a great success! Thank you.

Forest Faces

During our Muddy Monday session this week the children were very creative and they made salt dough faces on the trees. They used a variety of natural resources that they found on the forest to add facial features to their faces. The children thought their forest faces were very funny!

People who help us – Paramedics

On Tuesday the Owls were very lucky because paramedic Karen came to visit them. Karen was amazing.

She spent a long time with the children explaining all about how she helps people to get better. Karen showed the children her uniform. Some children even tried on the uniform. AJ didn’t want to take the paramedic coat off!

Karen also showed and explained to the children the equipment that she takes everywhere with her. She had lots of pockets in her uniform to hold equipment such as bandages, scissors, stethoscopes etc. and her bags were extremely heavy. The children loved talking to control on the radio.

Karen then took the children outside to look at her ambulance. The children loved sitting in the front of the ambulance pretending to drive!

The children also loved the flashing lights and they thought that the sirens were extremely loud. The children had to put their hands over their ears!

Karen then took the children inside the ambulance and she spent quality time with the children showing and explaining all the equipment that is carried on an ambulance. The ambulance really was like a mini hospital on wheels.

In the ambulance the children enjoyed using the finger tip pulse oximeter. Karen explained to them that the numbers displayed on the very expensive machine was the % of oxygen being carried around in their blood and the number of times their heart was beating in a minute. All the children were very healthy!

A big thank you to Karen. She gave her time so generously to the children and the children were extremely interested and responsive. They learnt so much from her visit and the language that they have used back in the classroom as a result has been phenomenal. Thank you Karen!