Monthly Archives: November 2019


After watching a video about an arrest and what happens at the police station we had our very own police officers making arrests in the classroom.

We had our police officers bringing children to our make shift station where the mugshots were taken. Children got in to character very well.

During discovery time children took part in a variety of police themed activities.

On the creation station and playdough table children were making handcuffs. They had to make paper chains to link their two circles together. Most of the children worked independently.

At the mark making table children tracing patterns left by a police car and officer.

On the light table children were matching shapes to the ones on the police cars

On the paint easel this week children were encouraged to make a repeating pattern using different shapes to print with.

The police Visit!

No Ms Andrews and Mrs Horsley haven’t been misbehaving!

Today we were very lucky to have visit from a lovely police officer. She talked to the children about her uniform, her walkie talkie, her body camera and some of the things she does.

Then she asked the children if they would like to see her police car. Naturally the children all said yes! So we headed outside.

The children all got a turn to sit in the car if they wanted to. Some chose to stand by it instead.

We learnt that not all police cars have sirens. Only those that respond to 999 calls. They all have flashing lights though, which we got to see.

When it was time for the police officer to leave the children thanked her for her visit and said good bye with a round of high fives.

What a great way to finish this week off.


After learning about the different things Fire fighters do to keep us safe last week, the children decided they would like to learn about what police officers do this week. We started off by asking the children what they already knew. There were lots of ideas such as catching baddies and putting them in jail! Chasing naughty people! Children knew they wear hats, a uniform and have handcuffs, drive a police car and help to keep us safe.
We had the story ‘Topsy and Tim meet a Policeman’

We looked at a PowerPoint that told us how the police help their community.

We also watched a video about a police officer finding a little girl who was lost.

During discovery time children took part in a variety of police themed activities.

On the creation station children were making police cars out of boxes. They used different bottle tops for the flashing lights and wheels. Most of the children worked independently.

Children were encouraged to paint a police car or something else related to the police. Most children chose to paint a police car. Some children painted a police man and some children wanted to paint a police dog!

At the mark making table children made wanted posters and took finger prints of themselves.

On the light table children were encouraged to use a paint brush to trace the lines.

Children rolled out the dough into sausage shapes to make a police officer’s truncheon at the play dough table. The children also chose to be independently creative and make police cars and police officers too.

In the number area children were encouraged to match the numbered police car with the same numbered police badge and then count out the correct amount of counters.

Bonfire Night

This week we have been talking about Bonfire night. We started off by asking the children what they already knew. There was lots of discussion about the sounds, smells and sights.

We went into the Forest School and made a big pretend camp fire. The children collected sticks to add to it.

Then we added some paper flames.

Next we sang the song ‘Camp fires burning’.

Afterwards, the children split into small groups to work cooperatively and build smaller fires. They worked together as a team collecting sticks to build their small group fires. Once they had done that they each had a pretend marshmallow (cotton wool ball). They found a stick for it and pretended to toast it on the fire.

The children had fun pretending to warm themselves up and toast marshmallows on the fire.


Diwali was in the holidays this year. We talked about Diwali being the Hindu ‘Festival of Light’ and some of the ways it is celebrated. We linked this to the different things the children celebrate with their families and friends.

The children noticed the similarities between Bonfire night and Diwali. They both have sparklers, fireworks and nice food.

At the playdough table the children helped to make some salt dough.

They made and decorated diva lamps with the salt dough.