Monthly Archives: December 2019


This week we have had some Christmas related activities out or activities using the colours red, green and white or sparkly.

At the funky fingers table children were threading buttons onto pipe cleaners.

There were sequins in the tactile tray.

Matching bauble halves on the light table.

Decorating the felt Christmas tree.

Sparkly water.

Writing patterns and dot to dots.

Counting pompoms on to numbered Christmas trees.

And sparkly playdough in Christmas colours. Children rolled the dough out and made candy canes, Santa, Christmas trees and other things.

We’ve had another busy week!

Forest School Finds

In the forest school this week we were looking for a matching shape/ colour. Mrs Horsley hid the ambulances with the coloured shapes on them. Then we gave the children a matching paramedic each. The child were sent off to find their matching ambulance. All paramedics were reunited with their ambulances correctly.

Emergency services – Paramedics

Children know that we dial 999 in an emergency and that the control centre ask you your name, what service you require and where you are. They have been putting this to practice during imaginary role play. Even Mrs Horsley needed a paramedic!

Children have made doctors kits at the creation station.

Matching paramedic shapes with ambulance shapes.

Children were encouraged to complete jigsaw pictures of the emergency services and put police officers and paramedics in size order.

We’ve had another busy week!