Monthly Archives: January 2020

Story Writing

On Fridays we have a story makers session where the children follow a structure to tell a joint story that an adult scribes. Some of the children have previously had a go at telling their own stories which they have got really good at. Last week we introduced the children to the story makers writing sheet so they could have a go at writing their own stories using their imagination and emergent writing, which an adult then scribes.

Video: The Chinese New Year

This week we took a break from the Polar Regions to celebrate the Chinese New Year.

During our language for thinking sessions this week we watched an information video about a Chinese family preparing and then celebrating Chinese New Year. They decorated their house with lanterns and other decorations. Red and gold is a lucky colour.

We learnt a song called ‘Gung Hei Fatt Choi’ meaning good look.

On one of our sessions we saw a dragon dance. We could hear the drums and cymbals being played in the back ground. The children decided they wanted to play Chinese music in the outside area to go along with the dragon dance we were having a go at. Check out our video.

Miss Yasmin talked to the children about the shop becoming a Chinese take away. She used their ideas and their help to turn the shop into the take away.

Children took their take aways to the home corner to eat. They had lots of fun.

At the funky fingers table children practised using chopsticks to pick up objects and place them in their bowl.

We listened to the story about the Jade Emperor who held an animal race to determine animals the 12 years would be named after. The first animal across the river was the rat. Children had the opportunity to retell the story using story props.

At the creation station we made Chinese lanterns.

Looking for Jack Frost

During our muddy Monday Session we took advantage of the weather being icy and frosty and went looking for Jack Frost. The children were convinced that the footsteps they could see were his! As we walked around we found lots of places Jack Frost had been. Then we placed our warm hands on the frosty furniture and watched as it melt to leave our hand prints and patterns. We could see our breath in the cold!

The Polar Regions – Antarctica

This week we have talked to the children about the North Pole called the Artic and the South Pole called Antarctica. Our main focus has been about penguins that live in Antarctica.

During our language for thinking sessions this week we have learnt that Antarctica is very cold and is snow or ice covered for most of the year. Emperor penguins are the biggest. They have a layer of blubber to keep them warm under their feathers, they also have an oil on their feathers to keep them waterproof. It’s the daddy penguin that looks after the egg for 2 months on its webbed feet until it hatches and then the mommy penguin comes back to take over looking after the chick. There were various themed activities out during discovery time.

At the tuft spot Ms Andrews set up a cold winters scene for the penguins and seals. She made some play snow using bicarbonate of soda, silver glitter, peppermint essence and baby oil. It even felt cold! There was also some icy water for the penguins to swim in.

Mrs Horsley very kindly made some white playdough for us which we added peppermint essence and silver glitter to. It smelt really good. The children were making imprints of snowflakes and making snowmen.

In the water tray there were ice cubes, pieces of floating glaciers (polystyrene) and penguins.

On the creation station we made snowflakes using cotton buds and sequins.

At the painting station children were painting snowmen and penguins.

Children had the opportunity to dress up as a snowman, penguin and Elsa. We set up a winter scene by the book area.

There were other activities out too.

Winter continues…

During our language for thinking sessions this week we have continued thinking about winter. Our focus being snow and snowflakes. There were various themed activities out during discovery time.

At the maths station children were matching the numbered snowflakes to the numbered winter scenes and counting out the correct amount of cubes.

At the tuft spot, funky fingers and light table children used loose parts to create their own snowflakes.

Ms Andrews made some snow dough for the playdough table. It was silky soft but became very crumbly. The children did manage to imprint snowflakes into before it had to be thrown away.

In the water tray there were ice cubes and some pieces of floating glaciers (polystyrene). The children had fun trying to balance the cubes on the glaciers.

In the small world there was a snowy scene set up. Children were encouraged to use the little play people to make snowmen, have a snowball fight and even make an igloo using sugar cubes.

On the creation station we continued with our cold colour theme and created triangular shaped cold colour collages. These will be going on display so don’t forget to have a look.