Wythall Transport Museum trip – Gp2


On Thursday morning, Nursery children enjoyed a trip to Wythall Transport Museum, the children thoroughly enjoyed looking at the battery powered vehicles, going on the old buses and being able to pay the conductor. The children also got to sit on an old fire engine, wearing a firefighter hat and being able to ring the bell (very loudly!!)

Miss Hancox decided to make a booklet of all of the pictures as there are nearly 90 photos, soo too many to be able to put on the blog!

Please also note we have had a lovely e-mail from the guides mentioning how well behaved the children were and how much they enjoyed having us- there is a copy of this e-mail on the door, please feel free to read this.

1 thought on “Wythall Transport Museum trip – Gp2

  1. nursery have really been lucky to go to Wythall transport museum and looking at the wonderful veichles. well done chicks!

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