Video: Bonfire Night

This week in Nursery the children have been learning all about Bonfire Night. They have learnt why we celebrate Bonfire Night and they have learnt how to keep safe when going to a bonfire and firework display. The children have enjoyed playing with the small world, setting up a bonfire display and acting out how to keep safe. Some children even wrote some rules to help them remember how to keep safe.

The children have also enjoyed painting pictures of bonfires using their handprints and they have enjoyed using forks and pipe cleaners to paint their own firework display. On a large scale the children have loved doing some splatter paintings outside to recreate fireworks and they are so proud of their splatter fireworks that we have displayed them in the classroom.

This week some children have also drawn fireworks using chalk, have made fireworks on the funky fingers table using pipe cleaners and beads, and some children have made fireworks on the play dough table. In the outdoor classroom some children have used the ribbons and the hoops to make some firework dances and explosions. They children even made some firework sound effect noises as they played.

The children have also made firework rockets on the workshop table. They selected their own resources and created their own rocket designs. The children are becoming very independent in thought and action.

During our Language for Thinking sessions the children have been learning about performance poetry. In their family groups they have made up their own firework poems and then they have devised actions to go alongside their poems. Afterwards the children performed their poems to their friends.

First group

Second group

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