People Who Help Us – The Fire Service

This week to begin our learning about the fire service the children had a visit from Kings Norton Fire Brigade. The children were very excited when three fire fighters turned up in the classroom. They talked to the children about their role as fire fighters. They also showed the children the special clothing and equipment that they have to wear to keep themselves safe. The fire fighters then took the children outside to the staff car park. We met two more fire fighters outside and they showed us the fire engine. We looked at the equipment on the fire engine and then the children were very lucky as they were allowed to go inside the fire engine. The fire fighters put the sirens on as they left the premises – it was very loud! A big thank you to Kings Norton Fire Brigade for giving up their time and making the experience so special for the children.

Back in the classroom the children have been very busy. The children have learnt what to do if there is a fire in their house and they have learnt what to do if their clothes catch fire. The children have also learnt how to call for help and they have acted out fire scenarios in our small world area and outside, pretending that the bikes were fire engines.

Some children also explored making play dough ladders, other children decided to make fire engines using the mobile construction sets and some children searched for numbers in the pretend fire with magnetic wands.

Some children counted and recorded fire engines, some children pretended to put out numbered fires with water pistols in the water tray and the messy tray, some children completed numbered fire engine jigsaw puzzles and other children chose to cut and stick shapes to make a fire engine.

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  1. What an exciting time for you Owls! I hope you all enjoyed learning about the Fire Service and meeting real-life firefighters!

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