Ambulance Visit

On Wednesday the Owls were very lucky because paramedic Karen came to visit them. Karen was amazing. She spent a long time with the children explaining all about how she helps people to get better. Karen showed the children her uniform and the equipment that she takes everywhere with her. She allowed the children to play with some of the equipment and she bandaged up several children! The children were very keen to be her patients.

Karen then took the children outside to look at her ambulance. The children enjoyed pressing the button to put the ramp up and down and they loved putting on the lights and sirens. They also loved sitting in the front of the ambulance pretending to drive!

Karen also spent quality time with the children showing and explaining all the equipment that is carried on an ambulance. The ambulance really was like a mini hospital on wheels. The childen enjoyed using the finger tip pulse oximeter. Karen explained to them that the numbers displayed was the % of oxygen being carried around in their blood and the number of times their heart was beating in a minute. All the children were very healthy!

A big thank you to Karen. She gave her time so generously to the children and the children were extremely interested and responsive. They learnt so much from her visit and the language that they were using back in the classroom as a result has been phenomenal. Thank you Karen!

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