The Enormous Potato

This week the children have been continuing to learn about growing. The children know, through our wake and shakes, that plants need water, sunlight and soil and because we have read the story ‘The Enormous Potato’ they have been busy planting potatoes all week. The children have been creative with potatoes as well. Some children have made their own Mr Potato Heads at the workshop table, selecting their own resources and being imaginative.

Some children have made play dough potato heads and they have written sentences about their potato heads using their think writing. The children are getting very good at think writing. Their writing now contains letter shapes and they can ascribe meaning to their work.

Some children decided to paint their own Mr and Mrs Potato Heads. We think their paintings are amazing!

Lots of children counted potatoes. The children are getting very good at recognising their numerals and counting with one to one correspondence.

The children were a little unsure about the importance of a potato. When asked about which potato foods are their favourite, the children simply said they liked normal potatoes! So we decided in Language for Thinking to show the versatility of a potato. We discussed mashed potatoes, roast potatoes, boiled potatoes, jacket potatoes, crisps, wedges and chips. We decided that we would cook two potato dishes.

The snowy owls cooked cheese and potato pie. The children really enjoyed eating this!

The tawny owls cooked potato, broccoli and leak soup. This was delicious as well.

The Owls are looking forward to concluding their learning on farms on Monday when they will be visiting Hatton Country World. We are very excited!

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