Rainbow Fish

This week we have been learning about what is under the sea through the story book ‘The Rainbow Fish.’ The children have enjoyed the story and as well as learning about sea creatures, they have been discussing the importance of friendship and sharing. We have learnt the phrase ‘sharing is caring.’

The children have been busy making their own rainbow fish at the workshop table. They selected their own resources, practised their drawing and cutting skills as well as counting with one to one correspondence. It took the children a long time to make sure their rainbow fish had 10 scales. The children were definitely stickosaurus’.

Some children have also learnt how to draw fish. They followed visual instructions. We think they did a fabulous job!

Some children made play dough rainbow fish. They decorated them with sequins and buttons to give the rainbow fish its sparkly scales. The children then took their rainbow fish to the writing table and they think wrote some sentences. We think the children are getting very good at think writing and at ascribing meaning to their work.

Lots of children really enjoyed fishing for numbered fish in a boat this week. Their number recognition skills are definitely improving.

Some children practised their fine motor skills at the funky fingers table. They carefully and skilfully used tweezers to give the rainbow fish colourful pom pom scales. The children then counted how many pom pom scales they had given the rainbow fish!

Another fantastic week in Nursery!

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