This week the children have been learning about worms. We began with a worm hunt in the forest during our Muddy Monday session. We brought the worms into the classroom and we put them into their own bug hotel! The children then examined the worms, learnt some facts about worms and they wrote, in their think writing, information about worms.

Some children made worms out of play dough. They made their worms different sizes and they used comparative language to talk about their worms.

Outside some children had lots of fun being worms! They crawled around in the play tunnels imagining what it would be like to slither along the ground.

Some children painted with string worms.

Some children counted spaghetti worms.

And some children made worms out of the construction logs.

The children have had lots of fun learning about worms this week and we finished our week by reading the story ‘Superworm.’ The children absolutely loved the adventures of ‘Superworm!’

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