This week the children have been learning all about spiders. They have learnt and written, using their think writing, lots of facts about spiders. They have enjoyed finding lots of spiders both in the forest and in our outdoor area. The children even spotted a spider with its egg sack!

The children have been busy making spider webs of their own. They tried to make a big spider web outside using the ribbons. They soon realised how skilled a spider must be to make a web!

The children also weaved spider webs at the tuff spot and they made spider webs using a hoop and some wool. LexiMai was a super star at making a spider’s web and her spider’s web is now hanging in our classroom!

Some children even tried to make a spider’s web out of Lego and some children made a massive spider’s web out of natural materials. They added ribbons to make the web more complex and they added minibeasts for the spider’s dinner!

Some children painted their hands to make spider handprints.

Some children chose to make spiders at the workshop table. The children were very careful to make sure that their spiders had eight legs. They also chose how many eyes their spiders had, knowing that spiders can have up to 8 eyes!

Some children decided to make spiders at the play dough table. Some children even made their play dough spiders a glittery web too!

There were also opportunities this week for the children to complete some spidery maths activities. They had a choice of adding the correct number of peg legs to numbered spiders and /or giving two spiders some eyes and adding up how many eyes they had altogether. The children are becoming confident with number recognition, one to one counting and simple addition calculations.

Another fab week in Nursery.

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