Video: Owl Babies

Mrs Hill, Mrs Horsley and Miss Cass have been very impressed with how the Owls have come into Nursery this week and how they have adapted to the changes from being little Owlets. The children have transitioned into family groups brilliantly and they are excited to be a Snowy Owl or a Tawny Owl.

We began the week by reading the story ‘Owl Babies.’ The children loved the story and over the week they became super story makers and story tellers themselves. Here are the children joining in with the retelling of the ‘Owl Babies’ story.

During activity time the children all collaged their own Tawny Owl. They all had the opportunity to independently select their own resources and create their own designs.

The children also had lots of fun making Tawny and Snowy Owls at the play dough table. There were some lovely creations!

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