This week the children have been learning about Autumn. They were very excited about going on a welly walk on Monday! They walked around the school grounds including our woodland walk and our forest area. They collected any signs of Autumn that they could find and they brought them back into the classroom to play with during our discovery time sessions.

During Language for Thinking the children learnt how to think write. They all had a go at exploring what their think writing looked like. The children wrote to Percy and explained to him what they had found on their Autumn walk.

In discovery time the children enjoyed exploring and sorting the Autumn leaves, conkers, acorns, fir cones and Sycamore seeds.

Some children also enjoyed counting the conkers and matching the correct number of conkers to different pieces of Numicon.

Some children sat and concentrated for a long time picking up acorns and arranging them into different patterns!

And some children were very creative at the play dough table. Here the children made hedgehogs, squirrels and even Percy the Park Keeper.

Outside in our outdoor area the children helped plant some acorns. They are now waiting patiently for the acorns to start to sprout. It might be a long wait before the acorns grow into a beautiful oak tree though!

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